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What sort of report card would Lenin give Brother Number One in revolution 101?


Ask your self what sort of report card would Lenin give Brother Number One in revolution 101?

I find the way that people invested in the idea of a federal Labor government seem unable to see that the failures and and undelivered promises are beginning to chew at the butt of Brother Number One a rather sad example of commentator bias. The failure of the “education revolution” is a very good example. If Vladimir Lenin had revolutionaries like Brother Number One and Kommissar Gillard the Tsar would not have ended up in the hole in Russia and the world would have been a very different place indeed.

THEY were called the toolbox of the 21st century by Kevin Rudd in the 2007 election campaign as Labor launched its $1 billion digital education revolution.

Two and a half years on, students have been lumbered with “glorified typewriters” as the Government drags the chain on high-speed internet access in high schools.

Yesterday it was confirmed none of the $100 million budgeted to bring high-speed broadband to schools had been spent after more than two years of Labor in power.

As the Prime Minister comes under fire for yet another broken election promise, support for Labor has slumped in his home state, with a resurgent Coalition in the lead for the first time since the 2007 election.

The latest Galaxy poll, exclusively for The Courier-Mail, reveals support for Tony Abbott’s Opposition surged by six points since November to 46 per cent, while support for federal Labor fell three points to 39 per cent.

Rather than raving on about getting a lap top for every student (still waiting) or high speed broadband in every high school (still waiting) perhaps it would be more productive if the government where to focus on teaching our children how to make discerning choices about what they see and read on the internet, Oh hang on I know why that won’t happen (slaps fore head ) If they did that then more people would wake up to exercises in “spin” and then the government of Brother Number One and Kommissar Gillard would be deeper in the smelly brown stuff than they are at present.

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