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Another hit on the credibility of the IPCC

Sinking: The IPCC wrongly said half the Netherlands was below sea level

This post will undoubtedly upset those poor Warministas who have been reliant on  the ascendency of their faith as proof of the rightness of their belief. Put simply the heat is going out of the Warminista message and more and more people are turning their backs upon the cries of “repent Ye climate sinners!”  If the trend evident in this survey is sustained then I reckon that the Warminista faith will be history by this time next year!

A growing number of Britons are sceptical about global warming, a poll has revealed.

It found around 26 per cent – a rise of 10 per cent in just three months – do not believe the world is getting hotter.

And it showed that the proportion of those who think climate change is a reality has fallen from 83 per cent to 75 per cent since a similar survey was carried out in November.

These results come as yet another aspect of the last IPCC report is found to contain a significant error of fact, further undermining the credibility of the organisation. (as if it have mush credibility left after the recent bloopers that have been discovered)

The new error appears in the second volume of the IPCC’s 4th Assessment Report, a 980-page document which predicts the likely impacts of climate change.

It warns: ‘The Netherlands is an example of a country highly susceptible to both sea-level rise and river flooding because 55 per cent of its territory is below sea level where 60 per cent of its population lives and 65 per cent of its Gross National Product (GNP) is produced.’

Although the Dutch National Bureau for Environmental Analysis has taken responsibility for the mistake, the error has fuelled criticism that key parts of the panel’s report uses unreliable information and unscientific reports.

I have lost count of the times that one Warminista or another have genuflected to the IPCC as if it is the embodiment of divine wisdom when it comes to the climate of our planet But yet again we find that this tome is unreliable even it the way that it describes the way that the planet actually is. If we can’t rely upon the IPCC to get the details of the planet’s current geography right then how can we rely upon the predictions it makes about the future?

Cheers Comrades



  1. MK says:

    Don’t expect the Warministas to let go of it Iain, “repent Ye climate sinners!“ or rather, ye climate sinners must be taxed will remain their catch cry, cos that’s what all this is about anyway.

  2. Iain Hall says:

    Yet another part of the IPCC report is shown to be exaggerated bunkum:
    from the Times

    This weekend Professor Chris Field, the new lead author of the IPCC’s climate impacts team, told The Sunday Times that he could find nothing in the report to support the claim. The revelation follows the IPCC’s retraction of a claim that the Himalayan glaciers might all melt by 2035.
    The African claims could be even more embarrassing for the IPCC because they appear not only in its report on climate change impacts but, unlike the glaciers claim, are also repeated in its Synthesis Report.

    This report is the IPCC’s most politically sensitive publication, distilling its most important science into a form accessible to politicians and policy makers. Its lead authors include Pachauri himself.

    In it he wrote: “By 2020, in some countries, yields from rain-fed agriculture could be reduced by up to 50%. Agricultural production, including access to food, in many African countries is projected to be severely compromised.” The same claims have since been cited in speeches to world leaders by Pachauri and Ban.

    This time the claims of “doom in Africa” is shown to be grossly exaggerated

  3. PKD says:

    BTW Iain,
    I remember Abbott in a newspaper column shortly before he usurped Turnbull stating that Netherlands had built its dams to counter climate change as one example of adaptation.

    The reality is Netherlands has simply been reclaiming shallow sea bed without any consideration to climate change.

    Just thought I’d share Tony’s blooper with you Iain…given how fair and balanced you like to be on this subject…!

  4. JM says:

    There’s one slight problem you’re ignoring.

    Most of that polder is in Holland (the province not the country, the country is called the Netherlands, Holland is only one part), where all the major cities are and most of the population live.

  5. PKD says:

    Yeah – its like the Himalayan ice not melting by 2035 – quibbling over the fine print and ignoring the big issue that the ice is melting away.
    If it takes another 100 years does that really debunk AGW Iain?

  6. Tessa Dick says:

    the oceans are warming, but the land is getting colder — just look at the east coat of the US, where they are calling it “Snowmageddon”

    have the Warministas bothered to look at undersea volcanoes? like in the Pacific, where Hawaii is getting a new island?

  7. Iain Hall says:

    Actually PKD when it comes to the Himalayas and its ice I read something the other day that suggests that it is the particulates from Indian dung fires and dirty diesels that are the cause because the alter the albeado of the snow increasing melting , rather than being caused by Co2 at all.

  8. PKD says:

    the oceans are warming, but the land is getting colder — just look at the east coat of the US, where they are calling it “Snowmageddon”

    Sorry Tessa but we’ve just had one of our warmest years on record on Aus. Snowmegeddon is being caused by the inversion of air currents this winter meaning a warmer than average Arctic and colder than average upper lattitiudes like east coast US and Europe. You can look that up on NSIDC assuming you don’t believe they have sold out to easy bucks?

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