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MGM ignored due to “cultural sensitivity”

click on this image if you want to see images of a surgical circumcision but keep in mind how much worse the practice is when done by someone untrained in unhygienic conditions.

The discussion and disgust at Female Genital Mutilation is relatively common and we as a culture quite rightly denounce this barbaric practice but when it comes to the mutilation of boys genitals our government  not only ignores the practice but it also supplies the tools to unqualified and possibly drunk “elders” so that they can do it:

THREE teenage Aboriginal boys turned up in the grounds of the bush hospital on December 30. They stood outside with blood pouring down their legs.

They were too embarrassed to go inside, fearing they would encounter a female nurse or doctor.

They had just been through a circumcision ceremony in a camp outside Tennant Creek, 500km north of Alice Springs.

It had gone badly wrong. The boys, who had received no anaesthetic, were left mutilated by elders who it is suspected were drinking when they performed the initiation ritual.

The Northern Territory Health Department confirmed the boys had presented with severe lacerations but refused to give the ages of the teenagers.

The Courier-Mail understands the boys were 16 or under, which should have prompted the hospital to report the incident to police as a possible case of child abuse. Police were not told.

The boys spent three nights in hospital before being released back into the community.

Now despite the pro circumcision arguments about hygiene there is really no more valid reasons to mutilate a boys penis than there are valid reasons to mutilate the genitals of girls and I think that it is about time that the government made as much effort to stamp out the barbaric practice of MGM as they do for FGM , especially when it is being done by medically  unqualified drunks.

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  1. The culture in the US must change so that male infant circumcision MGM is as repugnant as female circumcision FGM. This is happening slowly. My hope is that as more men learn about the harm of circumcision the practice will not be as likely to continue. There is hope because many young men, thanks to the Internet, are learning about foreskin restoration and how it is possible to regain some of what was lost from their circumcision. It is these men, who are at the age to start families, that will have an impact on our culture.

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