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“The Philippines solution”? Oh yeah that will work

This has to be one of the most sadly desperate bits of politicking from Brother Number One that I have seen in a long time: “The Philippines solution” Now won’t the Latte sippers have a field day with this one!

The Australian government is still working to broker a solution acceptable to the Indonesians and the Tamils. But sources told The Australian that at least two other options were being explored should negotiations fail.

One would involve sailing the boat to Christmas Island, a demand that those on board have consistently made of the Rudd government since their rescue at sea more than three weeks ago.

Such a move would be politically disastrous for Kevin Rudd who has said the asylum-seekers must be processed in Indonesia.

The second option would be for the Oceanic Viking to disembark its passengers at an International Organisation for Migration-run detention centre in The Philippines.

It was not clear last night how advanced the “Philippines solution” was. Nor was it known if the government in Manila had been approached.

Anyone care to bet that the Philippines solution turns out to be an example of another Asian country humiliating Australia, by giving with one hand but taking with the other?
Brother Number One should repudiate the the UN refugee treaty and rely instead upon the discretion of our immigration service and border protection services because the longer this saga goes on they more clear that it becomes that this flawed instrument is being exploited to open a back-door into this country and to cede control of our borders to the racketeers and scam merchants.

Cheers Comrades


  1. SockPuppet says:

    This is where my ‘Alice Solution’ would come in handy. I might get in touch with KRudd, do you have his email address Iain?

  2. Iain Hall says:

    No Socky i don’t have his email address but I am sure that if you Google him you could find the email address.
    I should warn you however that if you let Krudd know about your clever scheme that he will want a big slice of your profits so maybe you should keep it to yourself mate 😉

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