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It’s time the UnAustralians @ Groupthink grew up and finally left school … and stopped poo-pooing the Melbourne Cup


I have to report on some sad goings on over at sadsack.com central. In this our week of greatest national party pride what do I find? What have I accedentaly stumbled on over at that new site which is the watered down version of Grods? Theys hanging shit on our national day – the Melbourne Cup – that’s what I find. It’s UnAustralianism at its very very worst.

Well what else would you expect from a bunch of namby pambys that thinks getting around in lycra on bicycles while munching carrots and refusing to eat real food like Maccas and big thick Steaks at Sizzlers is goodiness?  That thinks lattes @ $4 each is better value than a 100gm jar of Nescafe for the same price that makes 20 cups? They got all their values wrong, as these ‘choice’ quotes’  clearly show.

Please note that For illustrative purposes, and to prove my points on the exGrods UnAussieness, I have put there quotes in captions to these stunning photos that I took (well actully I took them … from the Herald Sun) and added my own clever cumbacks to there downbeat and justwrong remarks and points of view. I even got one in from Planet Poison:


the Melbourne Cup is a regression … (and) is neither remarkable nor rewarding. It’s time Australia grew up and finally left school – Bob Dumpling.

Well maybe it’s time you grew up Bob, and finally started wearing some pants.


I dislike horse racing with extreme prejudice – Scott Bridges

I think Scott might be jealous that my girlfriends in their skimpy clothes are not interested in him. Or Is he gay?


“maybe they could release cyanide gas at flemington?” – Ben

Ben is not only UnAustralian he’s a terrorist and should be in jail with the other muslims.


“It certainly does not stop the nation as the media continually states, in fact I have always been at work and only find out about it after going home– so I don’t know which nation they are talking about. It is for people that watch TV and read celebrity gossip, the easily impressionable, who else in their right mind would venture out on a Melbourne Spring day in anything other than a waterproof ski jacket.” – Mr Pastry

Yeah, stay at work Mr Killjoy Flaky Pastry, you would look a right nong at the track in your waterproof ski jacket in the 30 degree temprature. Besides, you don’t like seeing peoples having fun do you?


“Hate racing (of) any kind of animal just so humans can attempt to make a buck. It’s out and out cruelty.” – Bron

Does this look like “cruelty” to you Bron? He’s almost in there.


“We’re not interested in your opinion on a bunch of gee gees piloted around an oval in front of drunken Melburnians” – Dave ‘the motorcycling petrolhead’ Gaukroger @ PP

No Dave, it’s much more fun at the Grand Prix – no drunks there?


“Other than some people disliking the booze culture at the races (who here doesn’t get pissed from time to time?) I don’t see any real proof of the harm being done to these animals by putting on a saddle and riding them.” – Craigy

Goodonya Craigy, at least you is a true blue Aussie. And you even comment here. Cheers mate – you showed ’em.



  1. Iain Hall says:

    Well it looks like you have proved your punting abilities again SockPuppet! Great post that shames those who are insensitive to the cultural importance of our iconic Australian institutions like the Melbourne Cup and the old adage that the first person to do a Technicolor yawn is having the most fun. 😉

  2. Husky_Jim says:

    The only hope my horse has of winning a race is if its in the belly of a good greyhound.

  3. SockPuppet says:

    And from Nutjob.com central comes this little squealer:

    Sylvia Plath Says: November 5, 2009 at 12:44 pm

    Yet another anonymous dung-flinger posting at Iain’s site with his endorsement, despite his strong stand against “the easy anonymity of the net”.

    If that’s dung-flinging Bridgit Sylvia, you old fat cow without a man, what do you call what youse lot do? Some peoples might actrually think being branded unAustralian is a complimint, girlie. I’m sure Scott is not as easily offended as you are. then again – long time since you had a root I suppose.

  4. Iain Hall says:

    More “Briluance” from Bridgit/ Sylvia

    Yes, it’s very odd how when her first name was mentioned here, she instantly lost her cool, fell out of her idiotic character, started writing normally and blustered about how she’d been threatened. All very odd behaviour if the name was actually wrong.

    I don’t think Iain is lying though – he genuinely believes that “Sockpuppet” isn’t N—-. She’s taking him for a ride. Iain isn’t too clever at putting names to nicks, as we all know. I’m sure he’s done some Googling to check it out, but the information we have isn’t something you can Google. Never mind Iain, you can still win at Mafia Wars even if you consistently fail at Blog Wars.

    i don’t know what their informant has told them but you are being played for the pernicious wankers that the clearly are.
    I’ll say this slowly for you Bridgit/ Mark L/ Alan Jackson/Sylvia Plath so that you will understand SockPuppet____ is___ Not____ Nadia_____S
    Now if you are sure then prove your claims.
    I KNOW that you are full of shit on this and that your bullshit is going to greatly embarrass you!
    BTW if you are so sure of yourself are you willing to put Two# bottles of good Scotch on the result?
    # one for me and one for Socky!

  5. SockPuppet says:

    Iain’s right, I am not N.S. and it sureley must be their idea of a joke to pretend that I am.

    But, quiet frankley, I don’t mind if youse find out who I am. i have nothing to hide.

    But if youse name me you are hypocrits cos I done nothing wrong.

  6. Ray Dixon says:

    That’s actually a very funny post and I don’t see how it’s offensive to anyone. I haven’t been to the Cup for a long time but it looks like nothing much has changed.

  7. SockPuppet says:

    I don’t wanna answer on anyone’s beharf but I gotta say this post by Bridgidiot almost takes the cupcake:

    Sylvia Plath Says:

    November 5, 2009 at 3:39 pm | Reply
    It’s curious how Husky_Jim made consecutive posts on the same thread at Iain’s yet they have different gravatars. Evidence that HJ is running numerous accounts/sockpuppets and that Iain is A-OK with that.

    Look Bridgit the un……..e, I am not a computer geek or xpert but even I know the difference between an auto generated avatar and a gravatar. You were comparing his auto generated AVATAR with his Personal GRAVATAR. He is easy able to bring that in and out so it don’t mean hes using “numerous accounts”. Are you sure you as edchucated as you used to try to make out you is? You’re pretty dumb (well not pretty).

  8. SockPuppet says:

    PSS: I took out the offencive word cos I don’t wanna sink to your level Bridgidiot. Sorry for calling you un………. – well you know what I mean.

  9. Iain Hall says:

    I reckon the that the picture of the blonde in the white dress is a classic Ray, you can bet that she will rue the day that she got that pissed though, imagine your five minutes of fame is for being pictured drunk at the races?
    Not something you would boast about to the grand kids though.

  10. Iain Hall says:

    Yes Socky she is being stupid , again, As I have just pointed out to Jim a single letter typo is all it takes to change the auto generated avatar..

  11. SockPuppet says:

    PP’s Dave goes fishing in the murky waters of nutjob storkwotch.com central for some friends:

    Dave Gaukroger Says: November 5, 2009 at 10:37 pm

    I’m not sure whether to be upset that Sockpuppet has included me in a post about the Groupthink reprobates, or touched that he/she/it is reading my posts at Pure Poison.

    That said, would it have killed her to put in a link? We’ll never get 1 million hits a month without the help and support of bloggers like Iain and Sockpuppet.

    Sorry to disappoint you Dave but I didn’t bother to read past much your little UnAustralian oneliner, which fell three words short of qualifiying for a link. Try harder.

    BTW, you like that site? Good morals over there? All honest, effical & justerfied and stuff? I see.

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