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“light analytics”

I noticed a short piece about how the owners of twitter hope to make some money out of the concept that has taken hold in the hearts of portable device addicts:

To that end, Stone said Twitter aims to offer premium features for commercial account users this year.

“We wanted to show people that we’re here to stay and here we are making money,” Stone said.

Those features, which could debut in test form, are envisioned as for-pay features and potentially could include “light analytics” tools that allow commercial users to gather data on their followers, he said.

Hmm when a Tram driver gives  multiple updates on the self pleasuring regime you can bet that purveyors of Porn are going to be interested in doing some “light analytics” of his twitter feed. But then again  his employers may well take notice of it as well when he tweets while on the company  dollar. There is a downside to telling all on the net…
Cheers Comrades


Please note that that Andy Blume’s feed is entirely public as are his Twitpics


This post has been edited to reflect the fact that Andy tells me in the comemnts that the trams are run by a private comapany and not by the government. Further Andy has now protected his tweets just to stop little old me reading them, Ah well we can thank the Lord for small mercies.


  1. Andy B says:

    I think you’re just pissed off because I have a job, unlike yourself.

  2. Iain Hall says:

    Actually Andy I am not in the least bit pissed off about anything in my life.
    Thanks for dropping by, by the way 😉

  3. Abu Chowdah says:

    Whoa, Andy B. You, like, totally nailed Iain. He’ll most likely shut this blog down now.

  4. Ray Dixon says:

    Thanks for dropping by the way

    Dropping what, Iain? Judging by that last pic Andy’s “dropping” something, and not just his daks.

    Btw, I’m NOT condoning what you’re doing here, I just couldn’t resist the double meaning you created by leaving out a “by”.

    Btw#2, what are you up to? Have you declared “war” on everyone who uses Twitter? I suppose it’s harmless but, again, why?

  5. Alan Jackson says:

    Hmmmm Iain is this kind of stuff really necessary, writing about what people do or dont do at work and trying to get them in the sh1t? Yeah the guy shouldnt be using this twitter thing at work but so what, we have all had jobs before where we have used the bosses time for our own things. Not to mention you must be sitting at home studying his “twitter” web site to find out this stuff, which is pretty sad.

    I dont like where your web site is headed lately, it used to be funny and occasionally thought provoking but now its just you having a dig at other people and pissy little comment wars. Not sure if I will come back here if it doesnt pick up.

  6. Abu Chowdah says:

    And that would be a terrible loss, Alan Jackson. Your insightful comments always leave us pondering.

  7. Iain Hall says:

    Firstly you are right Ray I need a double “by” there 😦
    Re BTW 2 I have not “declared war on Twitter but I saw the source article and I was inspired to write about twitter which was also sort of inspired by discovering that there is now a Fake Ray Dixon Twitter stream now which must mean that you have truly arrived mate 🙄
    I’ll send you the link if you don’t already know about.

  8. Andy B says:

    The funny thing is that Hall claims I’m doing it on taxpayers money. I’m employed by a private company.

    Secondly, all photos have actually been taken while I haven’t been on the clock.

    The one looking out from the window into the rain was taken in a private motor car in which I was a passenger.

    Hall = Fail.

  9. Alan Jackson says:

    “Abu Chowdah” (you must have stayed up some nights to think that name up) from what I have seen gushing forth from your computer, you arent really in any position to talk about “quality of comments”.

  10. Iain Hall says:

    Gee Andy my bad for not knowing that Melbourne trams are now run by a private company.
    Re all photos taken when you are not on the clock.
    Is that true? Are all the accident photos that look like they are taken from the inside of your tram cab and that one of your foot on the dead man’s pedal all taken when you were off the clock?
    I don’t think so .

  11. Andy B says:

    It’s “pedal”, not “peddle”.

    And yes, that was taken while off the clock.

  12. Iain Hall says:

    thanks for the spelling correction,
    But Re the pedal photo when do you clock on and clock off?
    Wouldn’t that be before you get into the cab of your tram?

  13. Andy B says:

    I’m not sure it’s right to discuss aspects of employment.

    The thought of being employed probably makes you want to vomit.

  14. Iain Hall says:

    No Andy I am fully employed working for the wife and kids and I get nothing but praise from my employers.

  15. Andy B says:

    I’m sure you look quite fetching in those frocks.

  16. Iain Hall says:

    Sexist and by your own admission a wanker 😆

  17. Abu Chowdah says:

    “…from what I have seen gushing forth from your computer, you arent really in any position to talk about “quality of comments.”

    I completely agree. But your observation is irrelevant, since I’m not the one who’s sticking his lower lip out and threatening not to play anymore, you sook.

    Andy B. Is there a tiny part of your vestigial reptilian brain that is driving you to post these comments. As a wage slave (albeit on a good wicket) all I can say is I wish I was in Iain’s position.

    “Frocks”, lol. Clearly you are a chauvinist, as well as being non-photogenic.

  18. Ray Dixon says:

    Iain, yes I’ve seen the fake Ray Dixon Twitter account. It’s quite funny actualy, and it doesn’t bother me. I won’t be doing anything about it.

  19. Andy B says:

    I’d like to continue this fascinating debate, but alas, I have a job to go to now.

  20. Len says:

    You poor b*stard Iain ?

    You certainly have managed to upset the “nutters” in the preceding days ?

    I hear meditation works well ?

  21. Jason says:

    Is this what this blog does now Iain? Go to Twitter, scour someone’s stream, pick something out, post. Christ on a bike. You wonder why you have a reputation.

  22. Ray Dixon says:

    Maybe Iain’s got another agenda in mind.

    If he keeps doing this, pretty soon everyone will be protecting their tweets. I think he’s trying to shut Twitter down!

    Actually, it’s not unlike quoting what someone has blogged. The difference is, it’s a lot more trivial.

  23. Ray Dixon says:

    Sorry, I forgot to end every sentence with one of these ?

  24. Len says:

    have you serious phobia regarding question marks Ray ???

  25. Len says:

    pay that ! 😉

  26. cosmicjester says:

    A grown man blogging about another grown man masturbating. Wait, which one is the weird one?

  27. Abu Chowdah says:

    Iain’s agenda is to host a blog and get some traffic. Seems to be working, kiddies!

  28. Len says:

    Seems to be working well eh Abu.

    Every readical mohabe within a nanobyte has surfaced in the last three days. Worked like a treat.

    Well done Iain old son. Haven’t had as much fun at ground level for years

  29. ileum says:

    Iain, this shit is very creepy. I encourage you to tweet (or blog) a little more like Jesus.


  30. Iain Hall says:

    Yeah well I can be a bit cheeky sometimes when provoked 😉
    Lets be real here,I have probably done Andy a favour here because there have been quite a few people who have been indiscreet on the net who have lost their Jobs, their relationships and all that they hold dear. With the sort of content that he puts out he was bound to come a cropper sooner or later. By inspiring him to protect his tweets I think that Net is now a slightly nicer place for ordinary people who don’t want to know how often a tram driver has a wank.

    If he keeps doing this, pretty soon everyone will be protecting their tweets. I think he’s trying to shut Twitter down!

    There are some things that world does not need to know the bowel habits and self pleasuring are right up there at the top of the list in my book. I don’t want to shut twitter down but I do think that the way that medium is used should be critiqued and discussed, and not just by the fan boys (and girls) who think that it is the best thing since the invention of sliced bread.

    Actually, it’s not unlike quoting what someone has blogged. The difference is, it’s a lot more trivial.

    Agreed that it is like blogging but more trivial but that also means that it is not above criticism either

    Cosmic Jester

    A grown man blogging about another grown man masturbating. Wait, which one is the weird one?

    No that is not what I am writing about here at all I am writing about him announcing it to the world via twitter.


    Iain, this shit is very creepy. I encourage you to tweet (or blog) a little more like Jesus.

    Mate I have spent so much time trying to be like Jesus in blogging terms but to no avail because the forces of darkness still want to drive in the nails and the crown of thorns is just so uncomfortable…
    You are right that there is a part of me that just loves to stir the possum 😉

  31. Iain, if the content of Andy’s tweets were not of interest to you there’s a very simple procedure you should have undertaken. You should have simply unfollowed him on twitter, you would never have had to concern yourself with his tweets ever again.

    No-one forced you to follow Andy, or anyone else for that matter, twitter is entirely an opt-in environment.

    Please spare us your sanctimonious excuses, republishing parts of Andy’s timeline without broader context is just creepy.

  32. Iain Hall says:

    I found Andy’s tweets sometimes amusing but generally rather gross in the “too much information” sort of way but I chose him as an example of the “every bodily function reported publicly” type of twit. The fact that he seems to have been doing it on the bosses dollar was another point worth considering about the phenomena.

    But more importantly why should something like twitter which is sold as “mini Blogging” not be subject to robust criticism?

  33. Andy B says:

    The only reason I decided to protect my tweets was so to stop you having access to them. I’m not ashamed or embarrassed by the contentbof my feed. Like most other people it’s for entertainment.

    By the way, why did the image you posted of my travel pass get removed from the server?

  34. Andy B says:

    Furthermore, it’s irrelevant when I post to Twitter. Yes, I’ve done it on work time, but only during a break – such as 15 mins at a terminus. That said, I don’t have to justify myself to you.

  35. Toaf says:

    Robust criticism is fine, Iain. Try it.

  36. Iain Hall says:

    I have no grudge against you personally and frankly I don’t give a toss (pun intended) about what you do either on twitter or in your blog but thanks for clearing up when you post your tweets during work time.


  37. Andy B says:

    Are you Iain or Damian?

    And if you don’t give a toss why dud you post an entry about it?

  38. Iain, neither of your posts thus far have had anything to do with twitter as a medium, they’ve been petty attempts at embarrassing people.

    Rather than following people you don’t seem to like, why not focus on people you do like? Perhaps if you used twitter as social media you’d find more value in it.

  39. Iain Hall says:

    Iain of course Andy, the roll eyes were intended to be a comment in response to Damian (will edit to make that clearer)
    but I wrote about it because I could not believe that a seemingly intelligent bloke like yourself could be so indiscreet on the net but I know that you are not the only one, only the one that I had noticed doing it.
    There is no need to protect your tweets as I have made my point and I have no particular beef with you that would require any revisiting of your tweeting.

  40. Iain Hall says:

    No Dave
    My posts have been about twitter as a medium and how people use it. In both cases i have looked at implications of that use, the fact that I have chosen finite examples from twitter to make a point is a bit cheeky but hardly crime of the century by any standard,
    I can’t for the life of me see why anyone would want to be scatological or discuss their masturbation in such a public forum or give traffic reports while driving, sadly it seems to me that the more toys that some people have the more easily they become bored.
    As for using twitter for a social media, Hmm I’m working on that a little and if you look at those that I am following you will see quite a variety of people that I am following most of whom I actually like or even admire.

  41. Toaf says:

    Ah yes, the emoticon makes it so much clearer. Thanks.

  42. cosmicjester says:

    But [sic] then again his employers may well take notice of it as well when [sic] he tweets while on the government dollar.

    Did you ask Andy if he was tweeting whilst working and now that he has said he wasn’t will you be issuing another apology?

  43. Jason says:

    Isn’t there some more productive way in which you could be occupying the daylight hours, Iain? This is pathetic.

  44. Ray Dixon says:

    Iain’s blog has become the new Grods. Everyone’s here.

  45. Len says:

    For nothing, someone mentioned at the beginning of the thread, that the service was private.

    Sort of.

    It is contracted out by the Vic State Govt with strict conditions, both legal and moral, and the Govt still holds sway as to the continuation, and fulfilling of that contract. So technically still employed by the Govt.

    Neither here nor there, a bit pedantic, but there it is.

  46. Iain Hall says:


    Isn’t there some more productive way in which you could be occupying the daylight hours, Iain? This is pathetic.

    Actually Jason I spent a lovely afternoon at the seaside with my family yesterday teaching my son some of the finer points of riding a bicycle and very soon he will be as good as his sister.
    Get it right man , This is the Anti-Grods and I am the dark Lord damning all who come into my domain to an eternity dining on double quarter pounders at fine Scottish restaurant even if they are lentil munching lefties 😉 ..

  47. Len says:

    Go forth young man, and may the force be with you

  48. Iain Hall says:

    Thank you oh wise and knowledgeable Yoda …

  49. Ray Dixon says:

    Come on Iain, the Grods’ commenters are a lot more interesting than the loonies from Becks. At least most of them use real names.

    Btw, I DEMAND you apologise to Andy, who I believe is a St Kilda supporter – because us Saints are NOT sinners.

    It’s the least you could do considering the momentus occasion scheduled for a little over 24 hours from now.

  50. Iain Hall says:

    I am a magnanimous fellow Ray and in the vague hope that it may help Saint Kilda I apologise to Andy B for pointing out how he was embarrassing himself on the net.
    I know that it is the high point of your liturgical calendar coming up and in an effort to understand your strange faith I may even look in on the match, after all they reckon that many a conversion has been worked through the miracle of the plasma flat screen…
    when does the mass begin BTW?

  51. Ray Dixon says:

    2.30 pm on Channel 10, Iain.

    St Kilda (the good guys) are in red, white & black. Look for a tall blond-headed guy wearing no 12. His name is Nick Riewoldt and he hails from your State (well, actually he was born in Tasmania but grew up on the Gold Coast). He is God.

  52. Iain Hall says:

    Are you sure he’s not a naughty boy?

  53. Andy B says:

    You might as well mention how I emailed WordPress.com a DMCA complaint about your use of my images embedded in your post.

  54. Iain Hall says:

    What is a DCMA complaint?

  55. Len says:

    Sorry Ray

    Btw, I DEMAND you apologise to Andy, who I believe is a St Kilda supporter – because us Saints are NOT sinners.

    Speak for yourself.
    I’m not pure, but have paid suitable penance for my sins.

  56. Len says:

    If you are referring to media complaints Andy B, might pay to check.

    I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for an answer, as it might pay to check, and send the complaint to the right department for starters.
    Last seen, you need to call ACMA. Australian Communications & Media Authority.

    I wouldn’t waste your time.
    They are more concerned about interference to 25 million televisions, bad commercials, illegal power experiments rather than some pimple faced kid, with hurt feelings.

  57. Ray Dixon says:

    What’s with the name calling again Len? It doesn’t help Iain, you know?

    (Note the ? used appropriately)

  58. Alan Jackson says:

    Further Andy has now protected his tweets just to stop little old me reading them, Ah well we can thank the Lord for small mercies.

    Ummm who was forcing you to read them anyway Iain? You dont have to read things you dont like, thats my approach anyway.

    You lot are starting to worry me a bit, this bloke “Andy” has never posted here before but Iains post was obviously intended to “have a go” at him and maybe get him in some kind of trouble at work? I think thats pretty weak. Iain reckons Andys “twittering” is rubbish, well then why read it and why write about it on your web site unless you are deliberately trying to cause damage to the bloke.

    “Len” or “David”, you must be pretty thick mate if you reckon he ws talking about ACMA, took me one Google search of DCMA to find what he was talking about. Looks like the jokes on you.

  59. Len says:

    Sorry if you understood mate, I meant ME ! not YOU
    Apologies if that was the way it came across.

    If you are referring to my last line, oh for God’s sake.
    I find it ironic that for years, these “people” have been inflicting their testosterone on the planet for how long ? Now some of it comes back, they cry foul.

  60. Len says:

    Well, the rest of the “Cuckoo’s Nest” just swooped in.

    G’day AJ, been a while. Nice to see your sarcasm again.

    Let’s see DCMA
    Wholesale Punk clothes
    If your talking about copyright breach, these pages are “comment” pages, and bypass the copyright act under those circumstances. How many times has someone cried foul when they have made a goose of themselves, then cried copyright. Give me a break.
    Your one of the classic examples of that

  61. Iain Hall says:

    I write as the muse directs me and the fact of matter is that Andy has commented at my blogs before and commented about me elsewhere, so he is hardly the “clean-skin” that you think he is. In any case I never intended to do him any harm. However I do think that his tweeting would have eventually had adverse consequences to his employment had I not made it clear how public his indiscretions are.
    I am willing to give Andy a hat tip for posting in his own name but no one with any sense thinks that the net or twitter is totally disconnected from objective reality as Andy seems to think that it is.

  62. Ray Dixon says:

    Len, I have no idea if your comment was a response to mine, so I’ll say it again:

    You just called Andy “some pimple faced kid, with hurt feelings”.

    Why? Even Iain doesn’t usually resort to that (well there was one notable exception) and all you’re doing is compounding the reaction against him and belittling Andy, who is actually the innocent party here.

  63. Len says:

    Let’s see Ray.
    I find it rather ironic, that you are now on your high horse, all overcome with mass concern, over someone else’s feelings. I have seen the way you mouth the human race, as your private little chew toy, so I find your retort, nothing if not the height of humberace

    As for Andy B, i think Iain has apologised at least twice, apart from removing the entire thread, I think it is pointless to continue. If, and this goes for you and anyone else still bitching about it, if you had accepted the apology and moved on, it would have been forgotten.

    You are just as complicit as anyone else, by continuing to keep a fire under the issue.

  64. Ray Dixon says:

    That’s just non-sensical Len. You’ve bought into this issue far more than I have and you’re all for upping the attack on its target (or example, as Iain puts it) of AndyB.

    I’m not getting on any high horse, I’m just saying your name calling is deliberately inflammatory and unnecessary. Andy simply hasn’t given you any grounds to do that. Attack his style if you like and his opinions, but play the ball, not the man.

    And if you want to suggest that I ‘go the man’ I’ll tell you clearly – I only whack those who whack me first. So I suggest you stand back buddy. You wouldn’t want a repeat of past hidings now would you?

    (? appropriately placed, again)

  65. Len says:

    What do you call the above Ray ?

    Repeat of past hidings. You have to be kidding.
    Talking about being whacked with a feather.

  66. Iain Hall says:

    Gentlemen I’m done apologising to Andy so can we leave it there please?

  67. Len says:

    Here here to that.
    Said that twenty threads ago

  68. Ray Dixon says:

    What do you call the above Ray ?

    What do you call it Len? It’s not childish, inappropriate name calling, like you’re engaging in.

    Iain, the issue I’m discussing with Len is not about any apology. It’s about his inflammatory name calling, which I think is designed to get a rise. It’s ridiculous.

  69. SockPuppet says:

    I have been reluctant to weigh into this hot debate about Twitter and the tram driver cos I have a confession to make.

    I have been a passenger on Andy’s tram when he took me & my brother TrollDoll out to the old Pentridge jail in Coburg to visit Dad. Only we didn’t know then they’d moved Pentridge to down the Geelong Road at Barwon.

    Andy was most gracious and generous and understanding and took us back to Spencer Street for free and lent us his free train pass down to Geelong.

    He even Twittered ahead (at a terminus break) and got Jezza to pick us up at the station. Jezza was driving down the Geelong Road to a court hearing at the time but I believe he pulled over to tweet back.

    And he writes good pr0n so lay off Lennie.

  70. SockPuppet says:

    Sorry, TrollDoll is my sister, not my brother. She just looks like a bloke.

  71. Alan Jackson says:

    Good to see “David Davi…” whoops, “Len” is back to his usual persona. How long until he spits the dummy and f—s off then reappears using another name, I am going to set my watch.

    Iain I did not know Andy had commented here before, sorry. But I still think your story was a bit out of line. If he was famous or a pollie or something then I guess there might be a reason for doing it, but sticking it to a train driver is a bit much. Anyway, your call.

  72. Len says:

    Funny AJ, just saying the same about you actually.
    Where you been all these months mate. Finally got that parole huh ?

  73. Iain Hall says:

    In the Bloggosphere even minor celebrities like our Andy can be critiqued, and as he has been rather critical of me in the past its horses for courses that I should return the favour.

  74. In the Bloggosphere even minor celebrities like our Andy can be critiqued, and as he has been rather critical of me in the past its horses for courses that I should return the favour.

    You admit that your interest in Twitter has nothing to do with it being a social phenomenon then? This blog was all about getting revenge on Andy because he’s been critical of you in the past wasn’t it?

    You have a glass jaw.

  75. Iain Hall says:

    Welcome to my blog N W
    I see no reason why it has to be an either or situation, in fact it is hardly “revenge” because apart from a little embarrassment, that he denies he feels there has been no negative consequences for our Andy. I do feel however that I should point out that those with glass jaws traditionally fall at the first punch and I am quite clearly, still standing.

  76. Alan Jackson says:

    “Len”, I am here, haven’t commented much lately due to work but I’ve been around. Never spit the dummy and stormed off with a hot chili up me arse like our mate DD did a few months ago. Never posted under anything than my real name. Im pretty consistent with my reading/commenting on the web. Can’t say the same for others here but there you go.

  77. Ray Dixon says:

    Yeah, I reckon “Len” ?? needs to mind his Ps & Qs a bit more this time around and show more respect, especially to those who are using their real names ?

    Otherwise he might cop another belting from someone using their real name and disappear for a while and have to find a new alias for himself ?

    I’m prepared to give him another chance but if he starts the name calling, chest beating & general abuse again, well ….. I won’t be held responsible for what I say in reply ?

    Besides, he ‘says’ he’s a Saints supporter, so in the spirit of the GF I think we should drop it all ?

    Not sure how much of a real St Kilda supporter he is though ??? *

    (Note: All ?s inappropriately placed in this comment)

  78. Len says:

    Before we start, Len Saxby is my name, and David Davidson is his. I guess his parents watched to many Glen Glenn cop productions in the late fifties, what can I say.
    We have gone through the history on these pages previously, especially when you two “sweethearts” have suffered problems in argumental threads.

    Your sad attempt at sarcasm, never ceases to amaze me Ray. It never hits, and leaves, even a reasonably educated person, sitting for an hour, wondering what the bloody hell you are shooting at. I realise that you hate punctuation, and that is sad. Especially for the millions of selfless teachers out there, that would cringe, at the efforts made, trying to teach it to you.

    Your prepared to give him another chance huh ?

    Well, that’s big of you Ray. Someone might put a statue in the middle of the Burke St Mall, in your honour for that little piece of selflessness one day. He’s here, right across the desk actually. We have had a tough week, and enjoying an ale. He has a wry smile, and uttering something about hell freezing over. I’m not about to stroke your ginormous ego either.

    As for the grand final tomorrow, well, we put on a bbq and the grog, and invite everyone that wants to come. A big screen gets put up, and we all disgrace ourselves, as we all should on grand final day. That’s just tradition in this house, no matter who the hell is playing and has been for years. If it rains, we just have it in the hangar instead. That’s my contribution to football. The wives call us all a/holes behind our backs, in the main house, and life goes on.

    Nice of you to raise your head above the beachfront AJ. I use my real name as well, although you won’t find it in a phone book, nor anywhere else for that matter. I don’t need to. The people who I want to know my phone number, and address, already know it. Short of putting up my birth cert if a snapshot, pretty hard to say otherwise, for either of us.

    You guys, and girls for that matter, never cease to amaze me, at the lengths you will go to, to shoot each other’s arguments down the drain, and insult each other, and yet when it comes to rebuttal, you get gun shy, and cry foul.

    An interesting exercise in the futility of man none the less

  79. Alan Jackson says:

    “Len”, I call bullshit on your story about sharing an office with “David Davidson” mate, I reckon you ARE “David Davidson”. The odds of there being two blokes “Len” and “David” who share an office, share the same/similar military service, the same turn of phrase, the same unusual use of question marks and the same web site reading habits are pretty slim, I reckon. Plus you never posted here while “David” was but then you turn up and start posting?? The world is full of luck and coincidences (hell I even won 2nd div in Tattslotto once) but I just dont buy it.

    Now dont get me wrong its a free world and this is Iains website, he can do as he pleases, I just have a pretty sensitive crap-o-meter and it went off the scale when I read your explanation of who is who.

  80. Len says:

    How do you think we met AJ ? A lonely hearts club ?
    As said previously on these pages, I was his “driver”. We were both in totally different musterings. He was senior enlisted, and I, a junior officer. That of course, as you know, (or at least should know), changes, as soon as he puts on a flight suit.

    Term of phrase has also been dealt with in these pages, but you have obviously forgotten that as well. I think the technical term for it is called “protocol”, ring a bell now ?

    BTW for naught, weren’t you the pusser ? If that is true, then explanation of the above should be unwarranted, you should already have known that, or were you just testing me out ?

    I was watching this blog, long before I posted. Matter of fact, who do you think put me on to it in the first place, Gazelle ?

    As for your crapometer, good for you. Tally ho, and all hail to the crapometer.

    When it comes down to it, I don’t particularly care one iota what you call me. I also notice, that there is no link under your name either, so again, what’s your beef ? (another ?, where’s the comma police), so what’s your point again.

  81. Alan Jackson says:

    “Len” I stand by my opinion and no amount of shit-spitting is going to change it. But who cares, at the end of the day it doesnt matter one iota, it is just my view. To me the issue is not worth spending any more time on.

    P.S. There is no link in my name because I dont have me own web site, dont feel the need to as I prefer reading and commenting on others. Then again you dont seem to have one of your own either.

  82. Len says:

    That’s correct.
    You have your opinion, and I have mine. Doesn’t matter how much s*it is slung around the place, that will never change. That is the main principle that Mr Dixon is having trouble coping with as well.
    We are here to discuss an issue. There are many points of view to any issue, we are all different and look at things differently. What we see recently, is instead of discussing that issue, once dispute is sighted, the issue gets dropped, in favour of personal abuse. I have been insulted by experts, and if you are ex-pusser Davo has talked about, I would fathom a guess that so have you. So water off a duck’s back at the end of the day.
    Meanwhile, back at the issue front ?

  83. Abu Chowdah says:

    “This blog was all about getting revenge on Andy because he’s been critical of you in the past wasn’t it?”

    So when Andy does it, it’s being “critical” but when Iain does it it’s an outrage? Wipe yer tears, sweetheart.

  84. Ray Dixon says:

    Too many words Len, that’s just a cover up. As for your inference that I started some kind of “abuse” here, that is ridiculous. In fact we only got ‘off topic’ because YOU engaged in personal abuse of Andy, remember? Strange how you twist things around. Anyway have a good day.

  85. Len says:

    I think Abu explained that, and my reasoning, very well. thumbs up Abu, my sentiments exactly.

    As for the rest of your rhetoric Ray, he said/she said.
    Time to move on man

  86. Len says:

    Again you just proved my point.

  87. Ray Dixon says:

    What point? It’s pointless arguing with you Len.

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