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Driving a “Silver Green” car

According to recent study from DuPont, only two percent of new vehicles built in North America in 2007 were painted green.

Green was even a less popular choice than yellow, which accounted for three percent of manufacturers’ colour choice.





Toyota RAV4 Sport

Toyota RAV4 Sport

Mini Convertable

Now if you were an upcoming young(ish) barrister  with an affiliation to the Australian Green party what sort of new car would you buy? Would you go for the sporty 911 (in green) or perhaps you would make a statement about road safety  by buying a Volvo. Heck,  you may think that a green Golf GTI would be the go, after all a VW is the people’s car.  Perhaps you would furfill you secret desire to be all macho with a 4WD RAV four, telling all and sundry that you have bought it for those sunday drives in the bush, or even a new Mini convertable (because the Germans have actaully made them better and you don’t think that a Mini is a” girly” car at all ).

Then again you might just  go all the way and prove just how devoted to the Green cause you actually are by getting an example of the ultimate Green car , that is light weight, environmentally friendly and that gets the very best gas mileage possible*

Cheers Comrades

*40g of mung beans to the kilometre


  1. Jeremy says:

    Oh, Iain. You and your “sarcasam”.

  2. Iain Hall says:

    You invited the mockery Jeremy by your rather silly prevarication about your choice of car. If you did not want to be asked about what you drive why did you post about your scratched paint work woes in the first place?

  3. Craigy says:

    Ahh the stalker returns….

  4. Iain Hall says:

    Don’t be so boring Craigy, where is your sense of humour?

  5. Trevor says:

    I drive and XE station wagon. What wheels do you drive IAin?

  6. Iain Hall says:

    I have an old EB Fairmont and a sports car Trevor

  7. Craigy says:

    Just keeping you honest Iain…. some of us still remember…

  8. Craigy says:

    FAIRMONT…..you toff….my EB’s a good old Falcon, and it’s a wagon.

    I’ve got you both covered!

  9. Iain Hall says:

    Mine cost me $1200 off eBay four years ago Craigy and Yours probably looks nicer than mine . but mine goes, stops and the air even works so it will do me until it dies when I will buy another one for equally small money because by my calculations it has so far cost me bugger all to own ….

  10. Craigy says:

    OMG…I’m with you on this one Iain. Mine cost $1000.00 (+ rego).

    Unfortunatly (as I just posted at Jeremy’s) I had the drivers door ripped off by a truck a few weeks back.

    Lucky I had my old green EB with a spare door.

    So now it’s a nice white wagon with a green door!

    (I do like to drive the misses EL when she lets me).

    Bloody good cars…and cheap as you say.

  11. Trevor says:

    I don’t leave my car just sitting in aheap. I go to pick a part where everything’s cheap. Search the place for the part you need. You can get a door to a window to a bumper bar.

  12. Iain Hall says:

    and ain’t hanging a door one of the most fun things that you can do on a car? I had a lovely old HR sedan that was wonderfully original (for a 1967 car) until this stupid bitch backed into the drivers side door. I got a replacement but It never fitted as well as the original,This ruined the car for me I can tell you sold it not long after that and we got a Telstar that was no where near as classy …
    Oh the joy of driving old bangers 🙂

  13. Phill says:

    In keeping with my “Green” credentials I drive a Nissan Patrol, a big bastard, in fact a real diesel guzzler. It has a turbo and pulls my caravan a treat.By the time I throw in the piss,missus, dog, and fishing gear it probably weights a couple of tons.

    And what’s more I can go to places where I wont find self opinionated pricks in suits ruining my day.

    None of those namby pamby fairy cars like Prius and BMW’s for me, especially the yellow bastards.Iain tells me they are a favourite with lawyers and men wearing tutu’s.

  14. Ray Dixon says:

    I think Trevor’s got shares in ‘Pick A Part’.

  15. Iain Hall says:

    I had a serries 3 Land Rover for a while but the missus hated it because it was slow (had the original 4 cylinder engine ) , shitty brakes and it was a bitch to park but I sort of liked its brutal and rustic charm. Bought it because the place we were living was often flooded in, but then the drought struck and we never needed its creek crossing ability after all.

  16. Phill says:

    Series 3 Landrovers are good for crossing creeks.You drive one into the middle of the creek, pack each end with some logs and sand bags, turn it off let it settle, then you can drive the real(Nissan) 4×4 over the top.It’s sorta like a bridge you can move. Is that what you meant Iain. 🙂

  17. Shawn Whelan says:

    and ain’t hanging a door one of the most fun things that you can do on a car?
    You take a two by four and work the door to fit.

    That’s how the did it in the old days before the Japanese brought quality to the auto market.

  18. Huskie_Jim says:


    First Photos of J’s new wheels.

  19. Iain Hall says:

    Do you mean wheels or trotters Jim?

  20. Trevor says:

    Jeremy is the sounds like the kind of lawyer who try and $$uck someone over after they were hurt in an accident due to insurance problems.

  21. Huskie_Jim says:

    Now Iain that’s not a charitable contribution.

    For mine, I’m betting that Jeremy’s bought a Skoda or a Trabant. Just a little bit left.

  22. Iain Hall says:

    well Keri did let slip that they have not in fact bought a NEW car:

    David – It’s not brand new, it’s a few years old. It didn’t have a scratch on it though, so it was a little annoying.

    Jeremy deleted the comment for some strange reason. But I think that a Trabant or a Skoda would be just a bit too obvious and given he admits to not knowing which end of a spanner to hold, not such a good idea (given the woeful reliability of eastern European cars). My guess is that it is either something really boring like a Hyundai or something that would blow his lefty cred out the window like an Audi or a Merc B class.

  23. Keri says:

    The comment is still there, Iain. It was never deleted. And all of your new guesses are wrong. You couldn’t pay me to own a Hyundai, and I wouldn’t buy either an Audi or a Merc. Why spend that much money on a depreciating asset?

    How many guesses is that now, Iain? This is like Guess Who with cars. Maybe you could get a book going.

  24. Iain Hall says:

    Oh is it? ah well I must have missed it when I read the thread then (or it has been hastily restored)
    Well You keep saying what it isn’t and eventually we will be left with what it has to be won’t we?
    so far you have ruled out it being a hybrid, a BMW, a Merc, an Audi, and a Hyundai, A Subaru maybe? Some how I can see you in a Honda Jazz …

  25. Keri says:

    Iain, it wasn’t deleted. You missed it. If it was deleted I would tell you, and you know it.

    Not a Subaru. And not a Jazz. I don’t like Hondas, as a rule. Some of the High Performance ones aren’t too bad, but they always have and always will be too expensive to get replacement parts for. If I was going a small car, it would be a Toyota. Probably a Yaris. They’ve got an excellent safety rating, come in four door without much loss of economy, and it’s practically impossible to kill a Toyota.

    Wouldn’t be terribly practical as the only car for us, though.

  26. Husky Jim says:

    Hang on.
    Let’s just go back to the original story shall we.
    Jeremy would have us think that its his car, or at least that he and his good lady friend have jointly acquired said mota.
    Statements like, “WHAT HAVE WE GOT TO HIDE?!?111!1?”
    Is he misrepresenting the situation?
    Because Keri has used a different ownership paradigm.
    See if you can spot it.
    “I wouldn’t buy a BMW, and I sure as hell wouldn’t buy a Prius.”
    “You couldn’t pay me to own a Hyundai, and I wouldn’t buy either an Audi or a Merc.”
    “I don’t like Hondas, as a rule.”
    “It’s silvery green, miss p. Jeremy isn’t enamoured of the colour, but I love it.”
    Now to be fair she has made a number of references to “we” in talking about who drives it. Clearly because she blames the driver at the time of the damage for said damage.
    “For the record – neither was my fault, either.”
    And there appears to be some consession that “we” bought it and “we” own it, but as to who’s car it is I feel confident in stating that Jeremy’s had bugger all to do with selection of make, model or indeed colour.
    They’re big pants to fill in the Sear/James house. And the J man appears to prefer the skirt.

  27. Shawn Whelan says:

    Some sort of gay friendly car?

  28. Iain Hall says:


    If I was going a small car,

    Ah I see, you guys have gone for a larger car and as your previous drive was what, a Ford? the the odds are that you have bought another Ford given that most people tend to have some brand loyalty.
    Hmm for a pair of Greenies that is NOT the greenest option now is it?

  29. Keri says:

    Iain, you know full well neither of us is a “Greenie”. And I’m still taking Public Transport to work. As previously, I drive no more than once or twice a week.

    “Ah I see, you guys have gone for a larger car “

    We could have gone for a mid-size car, couldn’t we?

    Shawn – I wasn’t aware some cars are “Gay Friendly” and others are “Gay Un-friendly”. Do you refer to aesthetics, or some sort of ethic in the car-manufacturer?

  30. Huskie_Jim says:

    Keri its ok.
    You’re not gay, because you have said you don’t like all of the gay cars named above.
    Oh hang on. Those are boy gay cars. A gay girl, if properly steriotyped, would like the same kind of car as a not that gay man.
    Since you chose the make, model and colour of the car then if its a gay car (ie a gay for girls car) then its your fault. Wel not fault exactly, but responsibility I guess.
    Jeremy would just be happy to have you choose for him i guess.

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