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The obligitory Joel Fitzgibbon post

Joel Fitzgibbon

Joel Fitzgibbon

My blogging has been a little lighter than usual lately,  mainly because I have been madly swinging the angle grinder and working the welder in my workshop. In a bit less than a week I have managed to get the new chassis more than half way there It is amazing how fast you can go when you are essentially making a copy of something that you have done before , the nutting out time that was such a big part of your first effort is just not required. In any case I have spent lots of time planing this rebuild so now all I have  to do is the actual work.
While I have been working I have been listening to good old Radio National and one recurring story has been the woes and worries of our Defence Minister. What an entertainment it has been so far;  gifts and largesse aplenty, admissions that prove to be inadequate, followed by grovelling apologies for failing to disclose “free” air travel. As scandals go this one is a beauty . Now we discover that the lady in question has connections to the Chinese military…

THE wealthy Chinese businesswoman who befriended Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon and showered him with gifts is a leading member of an organisation with strong ties to the Chinese military.

Helen Liu, who was born in the northeastern Chinese province of Shandong and is now an Australian citizen, is a member of the editorial committee of Shandong Ming Jia.

The organisation, which translates as Shandong Celebrities Family, promotes the work of leading people from Shandong.

It has extensive membership within the China’s military, the Peoples Liberation Army, especially its logistics division.

Ms Liu has attracted enormous attention after allegations reported last week that Mr Fitzgibbon had been the subject of a covert spy operation by officials from his own defence department because of his relationship with her.

Ms Liu, who has had many property development interests in China and Australia, is among members of the Shandong Celebrities Family network whose activities are regularly covered by its own colour magazine.

According to the claims, departmental officials regarded Ms Liu as a possible security risk.

I just cant wait for each new revelation , each new residency of the spinmiester chair,  Julia Gillard on “Insiders” was a hoot, Brother Number One did a great “serious school mistress” impersonation. Each day I look forward to new instalment in this saga but as I can usually foresee how the plot of any drama will play out and I just have this feeling that the final act will be a minister falling on his sword.

Staying tuned Comrades


  1. Toaf says:

    Iain, what do you make of the opening couple of lines in this article? Is it subjective or objective?

  2. Iain Hall says:

    Why do you ask Damian? Because I don’t get the distinction you are trying to draw.

  3. Rossini says:

    it’s reported that Ms liu has poor English skills!
    Surely this cannot be correct if she has Mr. Fitzgibbon in her pocket.

  4. David Davidson says:

    I know this guy is a politician and ……….. but, there is something from the other end, to consider ?
    I am not trying to defend the guy, but in Asia, if you refuse a gift, it is seen, I think, as an offensive gesture towards the giver ???

  5. Trevor says:

    I think this smells of corruption. Rudd and his ministers are too close to China and not being transparent with the electorate. More evidence of this was on Media Watch last night when Rudd failed to inform the Australian media that the 5th most powerful person in China (their propaganda minister) was in town. It was all over the news in China though.

    I agree with you Iain… stay tuned…

  6. Captain Fantastic says:

    Are there any dubitants who remain unclear about young Joel and his penurious existence? Yesterday Ms Gillard was on hand advising us that we should relax. Perhaps slip into a Jacuzzi and sip on a strawberry margarita. Her SMH piece carried the theme that Australia politicians are not like ‘ordinary Australians’ because they are honest.

    If you need proof of their honesty you only need to ask Paul Keating, Warren Entsch, Nick Sherry and David Jull to name just four. They are emblematic of the integrity, honesty, trustworthiness, decency and above all saintliness that our much-loved politicians possess.

    I saw Joel the other day and didn’t know if I should buy him a suit or shout him a trip to China.

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