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Not her?

This is an interesting development in the story of some photos that have emerged  claimed to be pictures of a rather younger Pauline Hansen in, shall we say some rather risqué poses. For the sake of comparison I have put up two pictures taken from a similar angle, the first is a face cropped from one of the pictures in question and the second is a very recent shot of Ms Hansen.


The picture is claimed by Jack Johnson to be a young Pauline Hansen


A contemporary picture of Pauline Hansen

Ms Hanson says she’s furious about the publication of the photos but is determined to continue her campaign until polling day on Saturday.

“I’m going to campaign and win the seat,” she said.

The photos, which were published in the Sunday Telegraph, were supposedly taken in the mid 1970s by Jack Johnson who says he was Ms Hanson’s boyfriend at the time.

Mr Johnson claims he met Ms Hanson in a Brisbane grocery shop and later took her to the opening of the Pelican Bay Resort near Coffs Harbour on his Harley Davidson motorbike.

He says the photographs were taken after a night of partying at the resort.
Ms Hanson flatly denies she knew him – and insists the pictures are not of her.

”I was married and I had my second child in February of 1975,” she said.

”I was living on the Gold Coast. I have never worked in a grocery shop north of Brisbane.

Looking at the pictures there is some very clear similarities But also some distinct differences, eye colour and shape does not change much over time and they are quite different in the two pictures, the noses are also different; the one in the top picture is much more symmetrical than Ms Hansen’s recent photo. The mouth and jaw lines are also different. I tend to think that they are not pictures of the same woman but what are the feelings of  my dear readers?

Cheers Comrades



  1. cosmicjester says:

    no idea, nor do i really care. that second photo gave me a fright though

    be funny if it isnt her, wonder if she will take on nooz ltd in court

  2. What are you talking about, Iain? The shape of the eyes, nose & mouth is practically identical. Noses get bigger after 30 yrs, btw. And the eye colours are a close match considering one photo was taken indoors the other in bright sunlight. The shape of the head & jaw line are much the same, except she’s obviously added a bit of baggy skin.

    But the story is obviously untrue given the Resort wasn’t opened until 1986 and, apparently, ‘Passion Pop’ wasn’t put out at the time. She’s probably not lying when she says she never knew him but I’d be pretty sure it’s her in those photos. I’d also be pretty sure it’s all designed to give her more publicity. Worked a treat too – now she seems to be an even bigger victim.

    Not that I really care. In fact I hope she gets elected – that would be a great outcome and we’d all get a great laugh out of her next ‘maiden speech’. Sheez ….

  3. Iain Hall says:

    Ray I am an artist and I notice such things like symmetry of a face and details of the features and when it comes to identifying some one from a picture the small details matter.

  4. cosmicjester says:

    iain, did you draw the pic that is your avatar in this and facebook?

  5. It’s her. Not only are the features the same, the way she holds (or purses) her tight little mouth is the same in both photos. Same cold look in those ‘unsmiling’ eyes too. Will this woman never go away?

  6. Iain Hall says:

    Yes I did CJ and it is in fact an oil painting even though its subject is not. 😉

  7. cosmicjester says:

    ah awesome, it is a very cool pic. and forgive me, i know nothing about art so i cant tell an oil painting from a sketch. but still, very cool.

  8. Iain Hall says:

    Thanks for that CJ 🙂

  9. PKD says:

    Obviously Ray is one of Pauline’s biggest fans! 😉

    But if posing nude worked for Carla Bruni, why not Pauline? Although that it is like comparing a mondeo to a ferrari!!! 🙂

  10. ozsoapbox says:

    I actually thought they looked pretty similar nose wise. There were some comments in news articles suggesting where to zoom in for photoshop comparisons on facial/body details.

    I didn’t have the heart to actually spend time zooming in on the photos so I didn’t bother.

    A lot of the facial differences might be attributed to the fact that she probably has a make up person in a lot of her photo shoots now vs. a teenager putting makeup on back in the 70s.

    It’s interesting to follow though, someone needs to dig up Jack Johnson and do a follow up interview. I can’t make up my mind at this point – need more information!

  11. Christine says:

    I just asked my 17 yo daughter (who doesn’t know P.H.) to compare the two photos. Asking her if she thinks that it is the same person 30 years apart. Her answer – God yeah, look at the top lip. Same person.

  12. marranci says:

    I hope Australians do not care about this kinds of gossips. As far as the ‘politicians’ is concerned, well, I will leave my comments for a post on my blog one of these days.

    Certainly the lady knows how to attract the attention and I am sure there will be much more to discuss and debate about her and controversial ideas :-p

  13. KenL says:

    Gee, the two photos are similar but, in view of her denial and alibi as well as the variations mentioned in the above entries, I do have some doubt. Why should I presume she is lying?
    I dont know Johnson. He doesn’t seem to have much honour or decency keeping and selling photos of his alleged conquests. Why should I assume that he is telling the truth or that the media has done everything right. He has his 30 pieces of silver, let him earn it in the witness box.
    The whole of the media have been egregious. Some of the hypocrites (like Cassidy on ‘The Insiders”) shake their heads but still display the images. That is just as pathetic and hurtful as if they had been the ones that originally broke the story.
    I hope she is very successful with her legal action just to dissuade the media from engaging in this kind of sleaze and breach of privacy in future.

  14. Her ‘denial’ on ACA a few minutes ago wasn’t very convincing. As for her ‘alibi’, well if she was involved in the stunt then she’d know how to counteract the fabrications in the story.

    What struck me about Hanson on ACA tonight was how ‘unshocked’ she seemed about it and how she had (at the ready) all the ‘evidence’ to refute it.

    I don’t think she’ll proceed with her so-called legal action against the media. She’s just playing this for all it’s worth. The election is only 5 days away, don’t forget., and here she is, the poor ‘victim’ again.

    I wish she’d just go away.

  15. It’s the same person, Iain. I smell photoshop. There were plenty of young Pauline Hanson pics floating around — it’s just a matter of giving her the ‘Israeli ambulance’ treatment.

    When she’s feeling better, I’ll get DeusExMacintosh (who has a black belt in photoshop) to have a closer look.

  16. Iain Hall says:

    a report that I saw in this mornings Courier mail shows the photographer doing something of an arse covering exercise which says to me that there is no photoshop work in the mix here and looking at the images I see none of the tell-tale clues like elements not lit the same way as the other parts of the image.

  17. Wayne says:

    Pauline is a natural redhead. Look at her eyebrows in her latest photo, they are red. So the lookalike model not only dyed her hair black but also her eyebrows!!

  18. They’re not “eyebrows” in her latest photo, they’re pencil lines.

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  20. You’ve made no. 87 in Word Press ‘Top Posts’ for today, Iain. Well done, that’s no mean achievement.

    I’ve made that list before too – one was a post about the Chaser stunt at APEC, the other was about that woman in W.A. who crushed beer cans with her boobs & buttocks in a public bar.

    It just shows you – SEX SELLS!

  21. Legal Eagle says:

    I don’t think it’s her. Even before she came out saying it wasn’t her, I thought the nose was too different. And if you look at a contemporary photo from the same era as when this incident was alleged to have occurred, she looks quite different.

    I think it was just a chick who happens to look like a young Pauline, and someone saw an opportunity…

  22. Gadfly says:

    Ray Dixon has ignored some fairly substantial facts before making the definitive statement: “it’s her”. It reminds me of another Pinot Grgio lover called Iain Lygo. The self-professed wealthy Surf Coast landowner also declared Jack Johnson’s story true without testing the theory. And to make Iain’s post on his brokenleftnutcase blog even funnier, he then referred to the moderate posters that he has blocked as defamatory!!!! A word of advice ladies: don’t let your one-eyed view of life obscure reality. Test the information you’re given and try not to be so closed minded.

  23. Iain Hall says:

    I agree with your summation L E

  24. Gadfly, it’s either her or it isn’t. Geddit? It’s a 50/50 proposition and my opinion that is her is not based on any pre-disposition I may have or political leanings. I just think it’s her.

    But that doesn’t mean I believe Johnson’s story.

    In my OPINION, I think Hanson was somehow involved in the release of these pics – to get publicity & sympathy ahead of Saturday’s election.

    Why don’t you try not to be such an insulting twat in future.

  25. Iain Hall says:

    Why don’t you try not to be such an insulting twat in future.

    And I second that Gadfly, so please play nice in future OK?

  26. Woo says:

    I can see similarities, but I have big doubts about it really being her.
    One thing I am having trouble with is, what happened to the freckled complexion that would have been more prominent in those younger years. I know this could have been easily covered with make-up (and you can clearly see the make-up that has been used), but there are certain shines on the face in the younger image that would not have been there if the make-up was used to cover up the natural blemishes of a true red haired woman.

  27. Iain Hall says:

    Thanks for your comment and welcome to my blog Woo. 🙂

    I too thought about the complexion and the hair issues But also that little groove in the centre of the younger woman’s upper lip is entirely absent from the contemporary Pauline Hansen image and I don’t think that such things just disappear.

  28. The “groove” is probably still there, Iain. You can’t see it because the lighting is completely different. And that face in photo 1 is caked with make up.

  29. Still, if it’s not her, she’s probably involved in the scam.

  30. PKD says:

    I’ve just got back from a post work drink for St Paddy’s Day down the pub.

    One of the girls there is adamant its not her as the outfit she is in is sooooo not 70’s. Same for the hair style.

    She is pretty knowledgable on this stuff, plus not knowing one iota of fashion myself I wasn’t in a position to dispute!!!

  31. PKD says:

    Still, if it’s not her, she’s probably involved in the scam.

    Guilty till proven innocent hey Ray? 😉

  32. I wasn’t aware she’d been charged with anything, PKD. There are only 4 possible scenarios for this ‘incident’:

    1. It’s her and Johnson is telling the truth.
    2. It’s not her and Johnson is lying.
    3. It’s her but Johnson stuffed the dates up.
    4Whether it’s her or not she’s involved in setting it up.

    I fancy option 4.

  33. PKD says:

    I meant in your mind Ray – not legally of course!

  34. David Davidson says:

    Just to bring you down to earth, after the ego boost Iain, you were just above :

    Time for balloons and baby cake!

    Sorry mate, couldn’t resist ?


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  37. Iain Hall says:

    Sure David but this is the first time ever that my humble blog has been on that list at all and I am well pleased even if it means competing with balloons and baby* cake!

    * i wonder if they got the recipe from Jonathan Swift?

  38. I look at this dispassionately and objectively, PKD, and the balance of probabilities suggest to me that Hanson had something to do with this.

  39. David Davidson says:

    Jonathon Swift ? Wasn’t he the guy that wrote Gulliver’s Travels ?

    Anyhoo, again congrats on making the list. You have had some terrific responses in the last weeks.

  40. David Davidson says:

    I also read your link to Legal Eagle’s article.
    I am not challenging the validity of the photo, but, if it is valid, here is the legal argument as I see it.

    I think defamation is a bit of a stretch, and I am surprised that they would even consider such action, especially this early in the piece.

    For an tort action to succeed, there has to be a causal relationship between the perceived act (the tort), and damage caused DIRECTLY from that act. That is the main point behind all of this.

    What will be perceived as damaging to Ms Hanson in this case ? She may lose the upcoming election due to the release of an embarrassing photo ? That is also a stretch, as there are no figures, to say, that she had a chance in hell of winning anyway.

    After seeing the interview with the guy, he himself, is not sure that it is Ms Hanson.

    The media that first released the photos, must have had corroborating validation from different sources, as to the authenticity of the photo, or they wouldn’t have published it ?

  41. Iain Hall says:

    Yes David,
    Jonathan Swift did write Gulliver’ s travels he was a great humorist and writer of satire in his day “a Modest Proposal” is really funny in a deadpan sort of way.

  42. Jennifer says:

    Personally, I have pointy type eyebrows and find them very difficult to change.

    Please, stop picking on P H. She may not come across as a polished, educated woman, but she did have some great ideas/values in her last Campaign, which could save money for our Country.

    Leave her alone!

  43. Gadfly says:

    Iain and Ray, I’m sorry for being “an insulting twat”. But, really, all I did was basically say “the wisdom is that it isn’t her and it seems to be only the lefties that can’t get their head around the mounting evidence to support this”.

    It seems likening someone to a vagina is less insulting than pointing out what I perceive to be a closed mind. And, according to facial recognition experts, I was right. According to several interviewed by our quality 6.30 current affairs machines, it is definitely not her.

    And, Ray, she has been charged with something, tried in the court of public opinion and found not guilty. Police don’t have to be involved for someone to be subject to charges – you charged me with the offence of being a twat!

    Pour yourself an expensive white and relax…..

  44. Iain Hall says:

    I just want debate to be as civil as possible Gadfly.
    Fair enough?

  45. Gadfly, the problem is this: you constantly focus on the commenter and not the comment. You play the man, not the ball. You make personal insults. That’s why I called you a twat.

  46. Gadfly says:

    Look Roy, I have apologised for being “an insulting twat” but do you see the irony of your comments? I have been called a twat twice now for merely pointing out that the champions of the Left have jumped on the photos, declaring them “her” and rejoicing at her apparent downfall, wheras others (who have almost comprehensively been proven right) have taken a more considered approach. Stop playing the man and calling me a twat. It’s ridiculous. As for accusing me of being less than civil, Iain, I’m sorry, once again for flippantly calling my detractors ladies, using white wine as a metaphor for their many contradictions and challenging them to question texts a little more thoughtfully.

  47. Gadfly says:

    Oh, and so long!

  48. Roy? Oh well, that’s just a typo, I suppose.

    Look, it’s not a left v right thing. It sounds though, that you’re claiming Hanson as ‘a champion of the right’. Well, you’re welcome to her but she’s been roundly condemned by both sides of politics.

    Divertng the issue over the photos into a ‘leftist bashing’ excercise (as you’ve done) is where you went wrong. Drop it and I’ll stop calling you a twat.

  49. Gadfly says:

    Okay, I’ll accept that the reason you made the wrong statement “it’s her” was nothing to do with your ideological opposition to Poorlean. I’m happy to accept you were just plain wrong without any bias whatsoever.

  50. Why would my opinion be based on any bias? I don’t think the photos discredit her one little bit – even if it is her. It’s just given her more publicity (and sympathy votes) right when she needs it. Very convenient.

  51. Paul says:

    If anyone’s interested in the legal side of things re privacy, I’ve written a summary about the current state of Australian authority here.

    I must say to my eye the pictures are very, very similar!

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