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Repent ye sinners!!!

In the light of the disaster in Victoria some may find this post in poor taste. No offence was intended and I have removed the picture that originally adorned this post because it directly referenced the tragic fires .
If you want to read the post you may do so over the fold.

So you live in Melbourne or Adelaide, well you must be among the most evil folk on the planet because the great goddess of global warming has decided to give you a good smiting with a record braking heat wave.

The city hit 46 degrees at 2.27pm – the hottest day since the Bureau of Meteorology started keeping records 150 years ago.

The previous record was 45.6, set on January 13, 1939 – a day otherwise known as Black Thursday.

“I’ve got a massive spreadsheet here of maximum temperatures and it doesn’t mean anything any more. The whole thing’s gonna have to be rewritten,” BoM senior forecaster Terry Ryan said.

“Most places around the state will break all-time records.”

The town of Avalon, 50km south-west of Melbourne also broke its hottest-day record, reaching 47.6 degrees at 2.42pm.

Wind gusts of up to 82kmh have also been reported at Melbourne Airport, where it was a sweltering 46.2 degrees at 2.44pm.

Other top temperatures around the state include 47.6 at Hopetoun airport (2.30pm), 47.1 at Geelong airport (2.40pm), 46.8 at Laverton (2.41pm), 46.4 at Longerenong in the Wimmera (2.30pm), 46 at Mildura (2.35pm) and 46.3 at Swan Hill (2.30pm).

Do not despair ye sinners there is salvation at hand!

All you have to do is to  acknowledge Gaia and take up a thorough course of self flagellation (blood must to be drawn) and renounce all good sense and all traces of scepticism.
You must  supplicate your self in the direction of the north pole (home of the divine polar bear martyrs) at  ten times in a day, and you will be saved.
If you remain a backslider then you have just had a small foretaste of the fate which awaits you , not in the next world but in this one …

So repent!



Cheers cool  Comrades

😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉


  1. PKD says:

    Not a bad bit of religious doctrine for an atheist Iain!

    But surely Melb with all its latte leftists is already the home of the greatest concentration of Gaia believers. So wouldn’t the non-believers be smited 1st hmm? lol

    Anyway, the most impressive thing about yesterday was the sky : it turned slate gray (presumeably from the smoke of bushfires to the North) yet had not lost any visibility. It was like looking at the sky in a negative photo, or with a pair of polarised sunglasses.

    Absolutely incredible, although a slightly unnering and unwordly fell to it, coupled with the ridiculous heat levels!

  2. Iain Hall says:

    The thing is that they have been a bit light on with the supplication and self flagellation hence the smiting…
    Gaia needs more bloody backs and grazed knees!

  3. PKD says:

    I’ve only just been reading the news – upto 40 dead in the fires yesterday is pretty grim. So, but my mood for humour is pretty much gone now…:(

  4. Iain Hall says:

    Yeah I have just seen the news myself it is pretty bad (and only now being reported on the news wires)
    Hmm makes my attempts at humour an example of rather bad timing 😦

  5. Jeremy says:

    Nah, the gods are just smiting Andrew Bolt.

  6. Iain Hall says:

    Really Jeremy? I have seen no reports that he is among the dead, injured or the homeless.

  7. Graeme says:

    Poor form and bad taste.

    I am on a sheep farm at Flowerdale .
    We have spent today putting out spot fires and embers, putting down severely injured sheep, fixing fences, helping neighbors, trying to save whats left.
    God its like fucking hell.
    Many good people are gone.
    Many homes gone.
    The majority of living things gone.
    I dont know what to do next.
    Fires have been coming through here for thousands of years.
    But never with such heat and devastation.
    christ.Its just all gone

    How far back in time can we hold the greens and left responsible for this?

  8. You should have realised it’d be risky setting fire to straw men in these conditions, Iain.

  9. Iain Hall says:

    Welcome to my blog I only wish it was under better circumstances

    I am very sorry indeed that you have so badly hit by this horrible situation but I am most thankful that you are not hurt yourself. As I said earlier in this thread when I wrote this post the picture of the fire damage was far from clear and i was not intending to refer to people like yourself in any way shape or form.
    I wholeheartedly agree with your feelings about the way that the Greenies have hamstrung any efforts to do sensible hazard reduction burns when the conditions have been suitable Up here where I live our fire brigade are constantly at work to reduce fuel loads and anything less is as you have experienced a disaster in waiting.
    If anything good is to come from this disaster lets hope that it is a serious change in the management of the bushland of Victoria.

    Best wishes I hope that things improve for you soon

    Well you win some and you lose some.

  10. PKD says:

    Well you win some and you lose some.

    I guess you could always pull the thread b4 someone else takes it badly? It’s kind of lost any raison d’etre with 65 dead. I spent a lot of today worrying about a friend in St Andrews – and I still cant believe Marysville, one of my favourite places and one the most beautiful towns in Victoria…

  11. Iain Hall says:

    Well it has definitely been a big case of very bad timing PKD I had intended it to be a rather friendly dig at the global warming crowd and while I agree that 66 dead is not something to laugh about I think that I am going to be Damned by some anyway so there seem to be little point in pulling the post at this point
    I will be writing a more serious post about the fires/ floods in the morning.

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