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An excellent post on Gaza

Find below a quote from an excellent piece that looks into the current situation in Israel and Gaza.

Western public opinion does not care much for victims, beyond sporadic events such as LiveAid, but it cares very much for victimhood. Victimhood carries with it a cachet, a badge of honour, a sense of aggrievement, a claim for entitlement and a demand for restitution. It’s a powerful and compelling instrument, which is why so many use it. The prizes are endless – emotionally, politically and financially.

Many seek the prizes of victimhood, but not all can realistically assume the condition. So, if you yourself cannot claim victimhood, the next best thing is to adopt someone who does, and claim their cause as your own. For many western progressives, with little cause to claim victimhood for themselves, their adoptive claimants of choice are the Palestinians. They project the desired condition of victimhood on to the Palestinians, and celebrate it in the demonstrations we have recently seen. Fed by media images, the pressure of the crowd and its own self-intoxication, it readily turns to the kind of hatred so obviously manifest.

It’s hard, indeed to believe that these people do not actively enjoy their hatred: that it gives them a rush that nothing else could give them. In this they reflect the crowds of Tehran, Gaza City, Ramallah and Damascus, for whom the only permissible outlet for discontent at whatever cause (tyranny, stagnant economies) is the public celebration of hatred for Israel.

Around the world, millions of people have self-identified with Palestinian victimhood. In a real sense, they (especially the intellectuals) have colonised the Palestinians’ own sufferings in support of objectives they aspire to for themselves. They participate vicariously in the pain of their adoptees, celebrate it and weaponise it to further their own programs and agenda. The names Noam Chomsky, John Pilger, Juan Cole and Robert Fisk come readily to mind as standard-bearers in this process. Half-forgotten political movements – Trotskyites, Spartacists, Anarchists, neo-Nazis – have all picked up the weapon.

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Please take the time to read and digest what Rob has to say there You won’t regret it.
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