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“Beware the church of climate alarm”


If there is any good to be said about the global economic down turn it is that it has provided a much needed circuit breaker upon the outrageous run the climate alarmists have had in the last few years where their claims that the sky is falling has become accepted as fact and the hubristic suggestion that we humble humans would be able to control or manipulate the planets climate has driven the arguments of the Warministas. Miranda Devine’s piece from today’s SMH is well worth a read…

Great  graphic  and  great piece by Miranda Divine

Great graphic and great piece "Beware the church of climate alarm" by Miranda Devine

Miranda  Devine

Miranda Devine

Plimer said there is a division between those scientists who sit in front of super computers and push piles of data into the mathematical models that drive the theory of climate change, and those who take measurements in the field.

We are not sceptical enough about the data. For instance, Plimer cited differences between results from temperature measuring stations in urban and rural areas. Those in urbanised Chicago, Berkeley, New York, and so on, show temperature rises over the past 150 years, whereas those in the rural US, in Houlton, Albany and Harrisburg (though not Death Valley, California) show equally consistent cooling. “What we’re measuring is urbanisation,” Plimer said.

To understand the chaotic nature of climate change, we need to consider all the inputs – cosmic radiation, sun, clouds and so on, he said.

There was much more but essentially Plimer’s message is that the idea humans cause climate change has become a fundamentalist religion which is corrupting science. It is embedded with a fear of nature and embraced principally by city people who have lost touch with nature.

He likens the debate to the famous 1990s battle he had in the Federal Court, where he accused an elder of The Hills Bible Church in Baulkham Hills of breaching Australia’s Trade Practices Act by claiming to have found scientific evidence of Noah’s Ark in Turkey.

Plimer says creationists and climate alarmists are quite similar in that “we’re dealing with dogma and people who, when challenged, become quite vicious and irrational”.

I find it amusing to think that when Ian Plimer was making a fool out of the creationists over Noah’s ark that the likes of the lefts favourite man in black, Philip Adams, was singing his praises but now that Phillip has become a card carrying Warminista the man in black promotes the faith with his wit and intellect with the same vigour as any newly baptised holy roller.
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  1. Derek Wall says:


    may be of interest, tackling climate change is vital and already impacting, we live in a better way in my view

  2. Iain Hall says:

    Welcome to my blog Derek
    Even though I suspect we will disagree on many things not the least being climate change and the virtues of socialism I am willing to listen to your arguments and explain why you are in error.

  3. Shawn Whelan says:

    Now that the Earth is cooling should we increase CO2 emmissions to warm things back up?

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