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Received an interesting email from a reader after my Spurious Complaints post this morning asking if I could help out with a community arts project, sadly it is based too far away from my home but I offered to help via my blog so  here is some info about an exhibition that any readers in Brisbane may wish to attend.



The Arts Factory Gallery
84 Merivale Street South Brisbane
is hosting the Artists’ Reception for


on Thursday 9th October 2008, between 6.30 – 8.30pm.

This Exhibition will feature the works of 10 year old Artists
together with their Art Celebrity Teachers

Exhibition runs from: 9th – 19th October, 2008

Contact: enquiries@mad.org.au or phone 3807 7665 or 0408 256 251.

Celebrating Young Carers Week 19th – 25th October

It is estimated that mental illness will affect 1 in 5 of us at some time in our lives. In Australia around 2.9 million children will be affected by a parent’s mental, behavioral or developmental disorders at any given time.

In some cases these pre-existing mental health conditions – such as personality disorders and depression – are compounded by alcohol or drug abuse. Children in these types of dysfunctional families often witness arguments and/or violence between their parents. They quite often live in dire poverty, with poor or crowded housing. If their parents are apprehended for crime or violence they may be placed in foster-care for either the short or long term. This can cause a loss of contact with grandparents and other family members. All these situations contribute to a lack of permanency and an unstable life.

Mission of the SMARTARTS CLUB:

Working towards the promotion of better mental health in children, adolescents and families through prevention, collaboration, peer support, advocacy, research and art training.

When a parent has a serious mental illness children may often be neglected or abused. The SMARTARTS Club was inspired by the tragic death of a 10-year-old at Bribie Island on New Year’s Eve, who was allegedly killed by her father, after he was cleared to leave a Brisbane hospital’s mental health unit. The child died due to the invisibility of Young Carers and the lack of support available to our nation’s most ‘at risk’ children.


The SMARTARTS CLUB is run by the community based non-profit organization – Mothers Against Drugs, Incorporated (MAD, Inc). MAD’s charter is to provide support, education and resources towards the promotion of good mental health. Our aim is to promote healthy development and to change societal attitudes towards the stigma of mental illness.

MAD have been funded under the federal government’s Mental Health Community Based Programs to extend the SMARTARTS activities to Young Carers, from age 10. We believe that all Carers, whatever their age, are entitled to the same rights, choices and opportunities as other Australians. These include the ability to enjoy optimum health, social and economic wellbeing and to participate in family, education, social and community life. When Young Carers are properly supported, everyone benefits.

Did you know that the common link between all the world’s great artists is that they all were taught to draw at a young age? Our Young Artists combine vision and passion in the The SMARTARTS CLUB


Cheers Comrades



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