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The Green Tithe


For the faithful of religion it is not unusual to to dedicate a certain percentage of your income to the Church so that it may carry on its charitable works, build churches that are worthy of the glory of God and of course to ensure that the professional clergy are in receipt of an adequate stipend.

“Low-income households spend a greater proportion of their income on basic necessities . . . and will, therefore, be disproportionately affected,” he said.

“Petrol and food prices will rise as a result of the emissions trading scheme’s coverage of emissions from transport, energy and, eventually, fertiliser and livestock.

He advised the Government to lower the marginal tax rate for those on lower incomes and provide $1000 grants for low-income households to buy energy-efficient products. He also recommended the private sector be paid $150 to carry out energy-efficient audits for low-income households and that the Government’s $20 billion Building Australia Fund be extended to cover energy infrastructure.

Joint Garnaut/Treasury modelling released yesterday predicted that cuts of 10 per cent (or stabilising CO2 levels at 550 parts per million in the atmosphere) would increase residential electricity prices by 21 per cent.

At 25 per cent (or 450 ppm), it would send residential electricity prices soaring 37 per cent.

Professor Garnaut warned that Australia could not make overly-ambitious cuts without a global agreement.

“On the balance of probabilities, the failure of our generation on climate change mitigation would lead to consequences that would haunt humanity until the end of time,” he said.

Anyone looking at the proposals from that most reverend gentleman, Professor Ross Garnaut, can not help but conclude that his scheme really amounts to a sort of green tithe upon all of the people of Australia. We will all have to pay a premium upon every good and every service we buy. We will all have to contribute to the coffers of the Green Faith even if we do not subscribe to  the religion.
Worse still as the prophets tell us that global co-operation is necessary for salvation and the faith has not made sufficient inroads into the hoards of unbelievers in China ,India , The United States and all of the third world we are all doomed anyway, so no amount of piety on our part is going to make a blind bit of difference if the tenants of the green faith are true.
Add to that the current ructions in the church of Mammon that are encouraging acts of great religious fury and panic as the high lords of that faith are undone by the legacy of their own ineptitude and greed. Which means that the worlds economy is even less likely to embrace the penance demanded by the prophets of Giaia. Still the true believers are a determined bunch and they will probably see this new Tithe enshrined in law so that we the long suffering and sensible will have to pay the money and being assured all of the time that if we don’t that natural wonders like the great barrier reef will be destroyed (as a punishment for our own lack of faith) Our farm lands will be blighted (even though no amount of piety and dedication to the faith here will be enough to make up for the 98.7% of the rest of the worlds emissions that will remain in the thrall of disbelief) I suppose that in the end the Green faith is no different to any other that promises a place in heaven for the pious and that the only difference is that instead of papal indulgences for our sins we will just have to pay for carbon credits instead.

Now repeat after me Comrades
There is no God other than Gaia, and Al Gore is her Prophet.


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