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Germane “proud marxist” Greer and Julie Bishop on Q&A


As is my want, I watched most of the ABC’s Q&A last night only the find myself suffering from a sort of cultural cringe every time Germane Greer opened her mouth. that woman’s grip on the way the world actually works and her understanding of indigenous issues is just mind bogglingly bad. We can hardly ignore her Marxism either she was boasting about it enough last night as if it had not been soundly discredited by the fall of communism in the last century.

Gemaine proud marxist Greer

Germane "proud Marxist" Greer

Greer, writing in an essay, On Rage, suggests that loss of land, women, language and culture over the past 200 years has led to a rage among Aboriginal men that helps explain the high levels of violence, suicide and self-destructive behaviour often found in indigenous communities. “They can’t get over it (the rage) and it’s inhuman to ask them to get over it,” she said on the ABC’s Lateline this week.

But Cape York indigenous leader Noel Pearson said it was governments’ responsibility to protect people, black or white, from violence. He questioned Greer’s assertion that the intervention had been a blow to Aboriginal men’s self-esteem.

“I want Aboriginal men to take more responsibility, to stand up to violence against women and children,” he told The Australian. “But when it is happening, of course government has a responsibility to stop it. It’s not rage that’s killing these communities, it is the sense of resignation that nothing can change. It can change; it must change.”

Perth-based indigenous human rights lawyer Hannah McGlade said Greer’s view that it was inhuman to ask Aboriginal men to get over their rage was “a step backwards”.

Ms McGlade said: “We can’t minimise how we deal with violence at a personal level. It requires accountability and personal responsibility on the part of perpetrators.”

She said that Aboriginal women had supported the Territory intervention program in order to protect their children, and that too often male indigenous leaders were closing their eyes to the abuse and violence in their communities, or were perpetrators themselves.

“In the communities, there is still too much denial and looking away,” she said.

But what struck me most about her theory about indigenous men is the arrogance of her argument and just how patronising she is to suggest that indigenous men cannot get over the injustices of the past. Our indigenous people have proven over time that they are smart enough to make a living from country that would kill the “civilised white fellers” who tried to live in it. You have to respect that this demonstrates that their culture is a resourceful one and although they have found themselves in a rather nasty thicket due to the grog and the malicious ineptitude of the “rights first agenda” there is clearly hope in a new pragmatic type of leadership epitomised by the likes of Noel Pearson. I am most pleased to see she is being denounced by those who actually know what they are talking about, people who actually live in this country and don’t make their living being profession shit stirrers like Greer does.

Julie Bishop, a potential leader

Julie Bishop, a potential leader of the Liberal party.

I was also struck by Julie Bishop’s contribution to the program, The more that I see of her the more I think that the the Libs could do a lot worse than make her their leader, Nelson seems unable to raise himself up in the public’s estimation, Turnbull has the dreaded green religion, Costello still has that smirking thing about his persona (and lacked the balls to actually fight for the job he coveted for so long) that gives me the shits. Yep, I think that the only sensible candidate to lead the opposition is Julie Bishop. Just imagine the collective chagrin of all of the latte sippers if Australia’s first ever woman prime minister was from the Liberal Party; you would not be able to see the cafe tables in Lygon street over the sack cloth and ashes….
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  1. raydixon says:

    Greer lives in the UK and has done so for about 40 years. She breezes in here now & then and tries to tell Australia what’s wrong with it. The woman is warped and if anyone is “filled with rage” it’s her. Even her book ‘The Female Eunuch’ was about her own rage and disappontment over a failed marriage and the unfortunate miscarriages she had.

    She’s a woman unfulfilled and she’s a bitter & twisted person whose opinions should just be ignored. She was never really a feminist anyway, but a false idol who sought to cash in on her notoriety. She’s still doing that. She should just fck off back home to England.

    As for Julie Bishop you might be surprised to learn that a lot of people from the so-called ‘latte left’ respect her and think she’d be a good leader. I’m not among them because I still find her about as deep as a wading pool, but I’d rather it be her take the reins than that fascist Mirabella.

  2. The truth is that most of the violence is alcohol related. Take away the alcohol in these communities and the rates of violence and sexual abuse drop dramatically.

    Whatever the failings of past Aboriginal policies, it’s clear that alcohol, rather than rage, is the prime factor.

  3. Iain Hall says:

    Yes Leon the fact that drying up the grog in NT communities has had such a beneficial effect certainly supports that proposition.

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