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Dangerious idiots

Matt Hayes

Fire fighers inspected the charred hull of Aspley's Bank of Queensland branch, decimated in an explosion early this morning. Photo: Matt Hayes

When I was a younger man we used to make jokes about the ineptitude of the IRA along the lines of Question: How do you know an IRA man has been trying to blow up a bus?
Answer: Because he has burnt lips from the exhaust pipe
This little escapade certainly seems to be of the same oeuvre as the jokes of my youth for the ineptitude of the would be robbers, that one of them was injured makes their apprehension far more likely and I hope that the police find them soon because idiots who try to use explosives to steal a relatively small amount of money from an ATM (and fail to even crack the machine open) are a menace to society.
When they are caught I wonder if they can also be charged with terrorism offences?
Cheers comrades


  1. Mark L. says:

    It’s Queensland, Iain, they’re none too bright up there. And stupidity makes for “dangerious” behaviour.

  2. Iain Hall says:

    Actually Mark at this time of the year we get a lot of Melbourneites up here on holiday….

  3. PKD says:

    time of the year we get a lot of Melbourneites

    Y’know Iain, most people call them Melbournians. Is Melbourneites what you call them up in the redneck belt? 😉

  4. Iain Hall says:

    Up here we have lots of terms for the hoards of southerners who decide to holiday up here in winter and most of them can not be repeated in polite company or published in my blog 😉
    However you may be right that officially we should refer to those from Melbourne as you suggest but I think it apt that the term I used rhymes with Sodomite 😉

  5. Mark L. says:

    Best way to stop Melbournians from visiting Queensland would be to expose them to your blog, Iain. That’d give you less tourists to curse at.

  6. raydixon says:

    So if “Melbourneites” are “sodomites” what does that make Sydneysiders?

  7. Iain Hall says:

    I did say “sounds like” rather that “are” Ray

  8. raydixon says:

    It sounds like these guys were trying to make it into the ‘Darwin Awards’. They even failed at that.

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