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Charged with Murder


THE parents of 18-month-old twins found dead in their southern Brisbane home on Monday have today been charged with murder and torture.

The couple had initially been charged with neglect.

Brisbane Magistrates Court this afternoon heard the 30-year-old woman and 28-year-old man, who cannot be named, will each now face two charges of murder and torture.

Quite right too!!

Disgusted with this couple but fortunately they face the most serious charges possible under our law, reports in the Age suggest that the woman is on suicide watch, may I suggest that there are times when looking the other way is not an option, at least until after the trial.

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  1. craigy says:

    What is it with Queensland culture that it produces people this sick?

    I think we need urgent intervention in South Brisbane to make sure that the children are safe.

    Iain as a lefty, I know your natural instinct is to defend these people but good on you for seeing the true horror of this failing culture.

    When will these people give up their deranged and failing ways and join the mainstream of society so this kind of behaviour can stop.

    Who cares if they are mentally ill or from a disadvantaged and abusive background, the fact that their culture lets them get away with this behaviour surely points to a problem within the society they live in.

    Hang ’em high I say and good on you for resisting your lefty urges.

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