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When I checked my blog this morning I discovered that some scum-bag had hacked into my WordPress account and edited my last post about the cyclone in Burma to add the word “fucking” wherever they thought it would be amusing, at the end of the post a link was added that led to a pornographic image. I removed these edits and changed the password to my blog but that was not enough because when I returned just before midday two of my Hotmail accounts and all of my blogs were locked to me. it was only after a mysterious and anonymous phone call to my mobile, so I could not trace it, that I was told a new password that has allowed me to regain control of most of my blogs and my Hotmail accounts. I know who the hacker was because he left a trail when he sent at least one (probably more) abusive email using my Hotmail.

Now regular readers will have noticed that about a week ago I reduced the number of my blogs open to the public to just this one and my car blog Iain’s Seven, I did this in attempt to get away from the futile flame war with that coterie of bloggers who frequent “Grods corp.” and who continue to harp on about events of late 2005. It takes a lot of effort to battle so many leftards and clearly I have been at a serious disadvantage because of their numbers and the fact that many of them hide behind the internet’s easy anonymity. I had my doubts about the willingness of of my antagonists to leave me alone and it seems that those doubts were well and truly justified by recent events, but I am still determined to get beyond the trite moralising as evidenced by the “end of an era” post at Grods corp, which has the full measure of scumminess, the “facts” of the post were largely wrong or misleading but the comments thread was a perfect example of just how vile this cadre of leftards are; three individuals posting in my name, Bruce Everett pontificating, , Bridgit Gread living up to her Hannibal Lectar avatar. I am just so tired of the lot of them and I want to do other things rather than having to look over my shoulder all of the time wondering what new web of lies and provocation they will use to try to get me to descend to their rather putrid level.

Being hacked is a horrible thing and you just feel violated knowing that a scumbag has been searching through the private correspondence in your email archive and even the private blog kept by my eight year old daughter, as well as all of my blogs. Nonetheless I maintain my resolve to move on from this flame war so to that end I am going to reject all comments from that crowd, I will not read or comment at their blogs nor will I write about any of their opinions, no matter how stupid they may be.

There are plenty of better ways to address the issues that interest me.

Angry but determined Comrades



  1. The Editor says:

    I think it’s only fair, Iain, that you let me have this simple right of reply:

    Neither I nor GrodsCorp had anything to do with the hacking of your email and blogs. Childish blogwars are one thing but what you’ve described is something totally different and completely unacceptable.

  2. raydixon says:

    There are plenty of better ways to address the issues.

    Police? Hacking & impersonating is an offence isn’t it?

  3. Damian says:

    Iain, this is certainly beyond the pale. I reckon you’re a bit of a goose, but I don’t condone this sort of stuff. Hope you can get everything back in order.

  4. Rudi says:

    I am sorry to hear that you were hacked.

    I hope you (and others)leave the flame wars far behind for despite their occasional amusing moment they are too much like children fighting.

  5. MK says:

    Hope you managed to recover all of your stuff Iain. It’s a bastard world out there, lying filthy scumbags, you should report it to the police if possible Iain, make em’ pay.

  6. […] was not what I would call one of my great days I was rather distressed about being hacked and rather weary after franticly having to change passwords and security for my blogs and emails. […]

  7. marranci says:

    As you can expect, I had very similar experiences. There are people whom hates freedom and freedom of speech. They do not know how to disagree, and use violence of different kinds. Orwell used to say ‘If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear’. Of course, this people prefers dictatorship: their own.

    take care

  8. Iain Hall says:

    I appreciate the sentiments written here and those that I have received privately in emails. Especially those from people who I could broadly describe as being my political opposites.

    This is no trivial matter and I will consider very carefully what is the best thing to do about it over the next couple of days.

  9. raydixon says:

    Any response from “the culprit” Iain? I think it’s commendable that you haven’t named him/her. Call that “sycophantic” if you like … ….. …………. (name witheld) but you’re an arse.

  10. raydixon says:

    BTW, someone (apart from me) has been very quiet around the traps at Grods lately. To that person, who hacked Iain’s site & hotmail account and sent me an insulting email under Iain’s name and who has failed to respond to two of my emails, read this:

    I think what you do and what you did is beneath contempt. You don’t even have a contact detail on your blog yet you go around deriding people for committing acts that are nowhere near as despicable as what you say and do. Regardless of the fact you say Iain has “transgressed” what’s considered to be acceptable blogging etiquette & behaviour in the past, your antics are that of a mentally deficient, self-loathing, weak-minded, piece of filth with no self-esteem or respect for others whatsoever.

    Call me a “sycophant”? Gee that hurts. You’re so gutless that even a “sycophant” like me could play you on break. You’re probably aged around 30, about 5 foot nothing with a receeding hairline and a tiny member. In “short” you’re just pathetic, as most of your comments on your blog and other blogs reveal.

  11. raydixon says:

    Correction, I’ve just noticed that the slime-bag DOES have an email contact on his/her blog profile. Sorry about the mistake and … c’est la vie.

  12. raydixon says:

    Some miscreant made a mistake early this morning and attempted to post this comment to my blog, but it’s actually a response to my comment here so if you don’t mind Iain I’ll put it where it was intended. It didn’t get through moderation on my site and I even had to recover the notification from WordPress from the “junk mail” box – it’s good to know the filtering systems work. My response follows the self-loather’s abusive post:

    Author : F. U. Dixon (IP: , .) E-mail : gayraydixon@gmail.com
    URL :
    Whois : http://ws.arin.net/cgi-bin/whois.pl?queryinput=
    You are shit, your blog is shit, you write pointless boring rants about issues noone gives a fuck about, youre a Hall sycophant and a two faced germ. Dont worry about receding hairlines and playing people on a break, just try to track down some brains for insertion into that empty upcountry skull of yours. And a new face would be good too, one without that stupid vacant gawp. No wonder youre the most hated man in Bright (which is probably the asshole of the known world anyway.)

    Response: It’s been said you can never lie or pose as someone else on the internet without giving something away and there’s a real clue as to the identity of “F. U. Dixon” in the phrasing and particularly the, er, lack of apostrophes, which was clearly deliberate. I’m not familar with the IP address but some of you reading this might be … and my guess is you’ll be very disappointed with The author, who doesn’t come across too well.

    BTW, I’m not interested in naming the person but you’d have to be a complete and utter dickhead to support his (or her) actions.

  13. Iain Hall says:

    If there is an upside to being hacked it is the recognition from some of my most vociferous critics that this whole “the world against Iain Hall thing” has got very stale indeed and that some of the tactics used against me “may have gone a bit far” in fact the majority of major protagonists on the other side of this conflict seem willing to call it a day. Sadly the sycophantic minor players seem unwilling to give up their “sport” of Iain bashing.

    Really you have to feel sorry for these small minded people who can only find purpose in life by fighting someone else’s battle even when it is for all intents and purposes over.
    With the missing apostrophes I suspect an individual other than the scumbag who hacked my blogs but at this stage I really don’t care, Just ban him and ignore such crap in future.

  14. raydixon says:

    Just ban him and ignore such crap in future.

    I’ve actually never found it necessary to ban anyone per se – just the odd moderation control – and deleting & ignoring comments like that one are ‘par for the course’. But in this case, given a few things that have transpired, I thought it was worth highlighting.

    I agree it’s about time the shit ended (from both sides of things) and that’s what I’ve believed (and said) from day one. The unfortunate part is that neither side seems to want to engage the other. Imagine a debate at Parliament house where one side turned their backs or walked out whenever the other side spoke. Which goes to prove that, apart from Sophie Mirabella, Australian politicians really are a lot more mature and good mannered than the bloggers who constantly deride them on both sides.

    Personally I feel “stuck in the middle” in a no-man’s-land with all this. It is very disillusioning when people behave this way, be it as a “rogue” individual blogger or as part of “the pack” in a herd mentality feeding-frenzy. It’s … well it’s just immature all round.

  15. Iain Hall says:

    I have had two years of it and I am truly sorry that some of the shit has been thrown at you but enough is enough and once they find that they will no longer get a rise out of me they will undoubtedly choose some other poor sod to harass.

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