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U K local government elections

What was fast turning into Black Friday for Mr Brown left Labour facing the loss of flagship councils and at least 200 seats across England and Wales.

The Daily Mail

I have been rather interested in the results in the local government elections in the UK and It seems that there is a mood for change in the land of my birth, of course nothing would please me more than seeing Red Ken Livingstone, that apologist for all types of Islamic terrorism lose his position as the mayor of London. The man who could unseat him is a really amusing fellow called Boris Johnson. Which is such a lovely change from some of the rather bland Tories of recent times. It seems the Tories have really motivated the people of the suburbs who have traditionally been too indifferent to vote (voting is not compulsory in the UK) A result for the London election is expected later tonight.

We could well be seeing the beginning of the end of the Blair / Brown era comrades and it suggests to me that Labour in the UK face the same “it’s time” factor and voter discontent that saw a change of government here late last year. Ironically Upover it will be a swing away from the socialists….

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