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Sue MI 6?

In the latest British case, the taxpayer will lose out whatever the end result because the action is likely to be largely funded by legal aid.


The majority of the eight claimants are understood to be living on state benefits and the Legal Services Commission confirmed that Mr Deghayes, Mr el-Banna and Mr al Rawi are already receiving a limited amount of legal aid “in relation to their application to bring a claim”.

The eight men say the British authorities were aware of their plight when they were detained in Afghanistan and Pakistan but still co-operated with the Americans.

Mr Begg, who was arrested by the CIA in Pakistan in 2002, said the case will centre on MI5 and MI6’s “general behaviour and complicity in the abuse of British citizens” and not their treatment at Guantanamo.

Daily  Mail

Who do they think they are kidding? Looks like vexatious litigation to me.

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