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The Footy Haj threatened

In the trial which continues in Melbourne our own home-grown Jihadist terror cell are being revealed as the evidence is presented….

The jury in the country’s largest terrorist trial was yesterday told that after the plans to attack the MCG were foiled, the group decided to target the Crown casino during Formula One Grand Prix weekend or the AFL’s pre-season NAB Cup football final early the following year.

The key prosecution witness, Izzydeen Atik, an insider who admitted to using his skills as a credit card fraudster to purchase airline tickets, telephone credit and other goods for the group, told the Victorian Supreme Court yesterday that he first learned of the proposed targets about a month after ASIO and police raids on members’ homes in July2005.

During a conversation with the group’s alleged leader, Abdul Nacer Benbrika, Mr Atik said he was told that money raised to finance the terrorist attack on the Grand Final in September 2005 had been seized by authorities during the raids.

The group was also concerned about its own security.

“The AFL Grand Final was the original target and because of the raids, and because of security reasons and funding, they were put off until the following year,” Mr Atik told Crown prosecutor Richard Maidment SC. “The next targets were the NAB Cup and the Crown casino building on the Grand Prix weekend.”

The Australian

Given its immense importance to the religious life of all southerners an attack targeting the AFL grand final should  cause even the latte sippers to pause and think about the consequences had theses men been able to carry out their dastardly plot. For many in the Footy heartland it would be like bombing the grand Mosque in Mecca during the Haj…

Cheers Comrades


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  1. raydixon says:

    They can blow up Crown casino and the Grand Prix as far as I’m concerned but hands off the footy!

    BTW, the witness might be a tad unreliable given his mental illness history. I think this group might have been more talk than action, but even so that’s enough to put them away for a while I’d suggest.

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