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Where is Van Helsing when you need him?

A woman known as the Vampire Killer for her role in a brutal Brisbane murder in 1989 will be released after nearly 20 years in jail.

Tracey Wigginton, 42, and three other women stabbed Brisbane council worker Edward Baldock 27 times, with one of her co-accused saying the self-proclaimed vampire had drunk his blood because of her “need to feed”.

Wigginton received a life sentence for the murder, but The Australian newspaper reports she has received approval from Queensland’s parole board for a graduated release from a high security prison.

Brisbane Times

Why is it that a woman who commits a crime as bad the one that sent Wigginton to jail , supposedly for life, is not considered serious enough that we should throw away the key? Now if we can throw away the key for the scum bags like those who raped and murdered Anita Cobbey in Sydney. Why should  a female who sexually violates and then brutally kills a man, while in company,  not be treated like any other murdering pack rapist?

Hmm It seems to me that in the days when we are told that gender should not matter in the application of justice that female offenders are still given an easier time and can expect to do less porridge than a man who commits an equivalent crime.

Life should mean life for such people regardless of their gender.

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