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Ms Quentin Bryce

THE nation’s first female governor-general, Bryce, has described her appointment as “a great day for Australian women”.

“I grew up in a little bush town in Queensland with 200 people, and what this day says to Australian women and Australian girls is that you can do anything, you can be anything,” Ms Bryce said after being named as Australia’s 25th governor-general.

“It makes my heart sing to see women in so many diverse roles across our country in Australia.”

Ms Bryce, the Queensland Governor, former lawyer, human rights advocate, academic, federal sex discrimination commissioner, mother of five and grandmother of five, was born in the outback Queensland town of Longreach.

Announcing she would replace Michael Jeffery, whom he described as a first-class governor-general, when his term expires in September, Kevin Rudd said it was time a woman held the position of governor-general.

The Australian

Well I hope that my friends from the left are sitting down, because I approve of this appointment not because Bryce is a woman but because she has been a dignified an non-controversial Queensland Governor.

Cheers Comrades



  1. Gibbo says:

    Apparently having a vagina is some sort of “cause for celebration” now. Hey… she might turn out to be the best thing since sliced bread but give me a break on the whole “great day for women” shit.

  2. Iain Hall says:

    My point exactly Gibbo 🙂

  3. Steve D says:

    “It’s time” is a really bad excuse for (almost) anything. But I suppose it got the government in, so they may as well keep using it on the dupes who believe it…

  4. Elijah says:

    Very elegant woman too.

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