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Red hair styles

I realise that it is generally not the done thing to pass judgement upon the hair styles of female pollies but when I saw Julia Gillard on the Insiders this morning I was struck by just how much her current coiffure looks like a dead spit for the hair style of Wallace’s friend from “A close shave” so I just could not resist a bit of photoshop fun.

Really of the many and varied hair styles sported by the deputy PM over the last couple of months he latest has to qualify as one of the worst, Perhaps she has been taking style advice from the other woman who is close to Brother Number One.

Cheers Comrades



  1. raydixon says:

    Julia Gillard’s ‘boyfriend’ is a hairdresser, that might explain the constant new hairdos. I think he’s experimenting on her, follicle-wise. I doubt anyone takes style tips from the PM’s wife though. She’s a nice lady, very successfuyl and she’s got a lot of ‘style’ in one respect, but she could sure do with a visit from Trinny & Sussanah of ‘What not to wear’.

  2. Matt says:

    She seems to me to be quite a hard, grim woman, so her everchanging hairstyles, along with her constant attempts to be giggly and ebullient in interviews, strike me as extremely incongruous and weird. They creep me out big time, to be honest.

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