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One drink too many

A SUPREME Court judge has declared violent rapist Trevor Lewis Toms should be allowed to “have a drink” and accused the Government of wasting time and resources by enforcing his strict supervision orders.

Justice Richard Chesterman, who had ordered Toms to abstain from alcohol, ridiculed the conditions imposed on the 43-year-old after his release from jail.

Toms was arrested earlier this week after being caught on closed-circuit television drinking in Brisbane’s inner south with another man on a supervision order. He was the sixth serious sex offender on a Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act supervision order to be arrested in the past two weeks.

Toms appeared in the Supreme Court on Tuesday before Justice Chesterman, who engaged in an exchange with the Attorney-General’s legal representative, Margaret Maloney.

Justice Chesterman: “Tell me, he had a drink – was he drunk? Did he cause any problems?”

Ms Maloney: “No, your Honour. The issue is, though, that Section 21 of the Dangerous Prisoners Act states that if a released prisoner is brought before the court under a warrant issued under Section 20 . . .”

Justice Chesterman: “I know, I know, but I’m concerned about the substance of things. He has a drink – most people do, he served 21 years in jail. Has he ever done anything that would be a threat to anyone after he’s had a drink or two?”

The Courier Mail

We all know that a tiger can’t change it’s stripes and that serial sex offenders continue to be a threat to the community even when they have served their sentence. The regime here in Queensland has created a system of supposedly strict supervision for these individuals on the basis that even the smallest breach will see their sorry arses back behind bars. Now what value do strict conditions have if when in breach some unelected Judge decides that adherence to those conditions is not in fact necessary?

Without the clear expectation that a breach of their release conditions will have immediate consequences these scumbags will keep trying to push the envelope. Judges like Richard Chesterman should be cited for contempt if they keep undermining the legitimate conditions imposed on offenders like Trevor Lewis Tom by suggesting that his release conditions should not be observed precisely as they order states . One drink is in fact one drink too many.

Cheers Comrades



  1. raydixon says:

    I don’t know if I agree with you Iain. I think the Judge might have been exercising something that’s usually sadly lacking among the judicary – common sense! Of course, if Toms now goes out and gets pissed and ends up raping someone then you’d be right. It seems a strange order to place on someone in the first place in that how do you police it without massive surveillance?

  2. Elijah says:

    Solution for this problem. Not at the judge of course…

  3. Bob Dobson says:

    Maybe this judge has some sort of leaning twards this in bred animal if not why defend this creature this thing must be under surveillance at all times to make sure our children are safe

  4. Iain Hall says:

    Judges just live in such a lofty world that they don’t understand that ordinary folks want their children safe.
    Welcome to my blog BTW 😉

  5. Tina says:

    I was this oxygen thief’s first victim 24 years ago when I was a very young girl. I am just so disgusted with this judge as this man was drunk the night he raped me and attacked me with a knife and changed my life forever. I have spent the last three weeks in hospital just to get through this fourth breach of his dangerous sex offender conditions, which are placed upon him to not only protect the community but, also, his victims, who like me, now have children to protect from this animal. I say to this judge, walk 24 years in my shoes mate, bear my scars, and also, have the experience of having to tell your teenagers that their “boogie man” actually has a face and his name is TREVOR TOMS.


  6. Iain says:

    Thank you very much Tina for reminding is all how scumbags like this hurt the inocent and pose an on going threat to our children.
    Stay strong and respect from me for your courage.

  7. Tina says:


    you are welcome, i wish that we could tell the world about how these animals affect their victims and their families, instead of hiding away on anonymous sites, but, we have to be so careful and live our lives silently in case they find us. As his cage opened, ours slammed shut. Lets hope he gets to rot in there forever. I would love to live a moment without looking over my shoulder and while he is locked up this week awaiting the judges decision, i can smile again and my kids can play in the street.

    Lets hope that this judge can see a little bit past his pompous wig and opinionated self to see the damage this man is capable of. He is very dangerous and the whole area of Wacol and surrounding areas should be concerned that they have him coming and going from a half way house there in between breaching his conditions.


  8. Iain Hall says:

    Thanks very much for sharing that Tina, after having my blogs and emails hacked I understand just a little of how you feel.
    The trouble is that judges live in such a lofty and distant world that they just never have any understanding for the victims of crime, for them it is all about the fine legal point or some abstract ‘principle”. The fact is that not all or even the majority of repeat offenders can actually be reformed or redeemed and in the absence of a capital sanction we have the right to demand that they be locked up for the rest of their lives so people like you can rest easy in your bed at night.

  9. Best Friend says:

    Tina has been my most dearest and closest friend for the past 22 years and I have seen first hand the devastation this animal has caused to her life. Having a daughter of my own I have been very protective of her and warned her of the dangers. But like Tina we expect our home not to be invaded and this place we call home to be secure and feel safe in our sanctuary. Then an animal can come along and make your life a living hell and he has done this to her she never feels safe or secure. She constantly worries about her children let alone the effects this animal had on her self esteem. Rape victims feel it is their fault when it is not. Tina has had a lot of therapy over the years and thank god she did or she may not be with us today. I am so proud of her strenght and vitality to have survived such a vicious attack and still be the most wonderful loving person she is today. My heart breaks for her everytime that animal is allowed back out into the community. No one sees her heartbreak and fear everytime they announce that he is out on bail once again. I hope that his life in jail has been a living hell like her life has been. People say oh she should get over it and move on. But how can anyone move on from having your body brutally invaded it is not something that can be switched off. All my love to you Tina and stay brave and strong for me and your family. I will always be there for you…….

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