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On her way to jail for falsely accusing a man of rape.

amanda lang

A woman is facing jail for falsely claiming a soldier raped her after a boozy night out in an RAF bar.

Amanda Lang, 21, seduced Phillip Trowell as he celebrated the end of a training course at RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire.

The former call centre worker took the soldier back to her flat on the base and the pair had consensual sex.

Hours later, Mr Trowell, 21, flew out to Cyprus to rejoin the rest of his regiment. He was arrested there a short time later when Lang went to police.

She claimed she had been pushed to the ground and raped behind a church on the base after the pair left the bar.

Lang had been due to stand trial charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice by making the false rape allegation earlier this month, but changed her plea to guilty.

Judge Julian Hall bailed Lang – who is known to friends as Tink after Peter Pan’s Tinkerbell because of her fascination with fairies – with the warning to “prepare to be going to prison” when she is sentenced at Oxford Crown Court today.

Daily Mail 

That she will be facing a custodial sentence is something that we should all be thankful for. The bigger question is just how much time will she serve for her lies? You can bet it will not be as much as the man she falsely accused would have faced had he been convicted on her fallacious claims…

Perhaps all young men should be taking advantage of the ability of their phone to record sound and vision and have any prospective sexual partners make a record of their consent before getting down and dirty…

You know it makes sense Comrades



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  1. Elijah says:


    Or practice abstinence.

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