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Reaping what you sow

While critical of Palestinian militants firing rockets from Gaza into Israel, the report lays most of the blame for the crisis on the Jewish state for seeking to apply pressure by limiting the inflow of humanitarian goods.

The report accuses Israel of creating a blockade, something that breaks international law as it punishes all Gazans, including the vast majority who are not members of militant groups.

“Israel has the right and obligation to protect its citizens, but as the occupying power in Gaza it also has a legal duty to ensure Gazans have access to food, clean water, electricity and medical care,” said Kate Allen, a director of Amnesty International UK.

“Punishing the entire Gazan population by denying them these basic human rights is utterly indefensible.”

According to the report, the blockade of Gaza has dramatically worsened poverty and unemployment and has led to a deterioration in education and health services.

More than 1.1 million people out of a population of 1.5 million are now dependent on food aid and of 110,000 workers previously employed in the private sector, only 35,000 still have jobs.

The loss of jobs is caused almost entirely by Israel’s closure of the frontier, because all produce from Gaza has to go through Israel.

The Age

Call me a cynic if you please, but really what is it with the likes of Amnesty that they insist on suggesting that when it comes to Gaza that we should view Israel as the “occupying power” for crying out loud Israel withdrew unilaterally from that territory some time ago and it immediately became for all intents and purposes a separate entity. Frankly I can not understand why Israel should be expected to allow either it’s people or it’s produce to enter their country for any reason what so ever for as long as Hamas is continuing to launch rockets. However as long as they do then it is Hamas who are responsible for the deaths of any “civilians” that they use as human shields and I for one will feel no sympathy for them especially when their idea of heroism is to kill eight people at a school in Jerusalem .

Cheers Comrades



  1. Suburban Marxist says:

    The data was collated before the recent escalation in Hamas rocket fire and Israel’s incursion, which killed 106 Palestinians, at least half of them civilians, in five days alone. One Israeli civilian and two Israeli soldiers were killed in the same period.

    It would seem the IDF’s idea of heroism is to kill quite a few more civilians than Hamas has killed Israelis.

  2. Iain says:

    The point here is (as you have been told before) that the IDF do not set out to kill civilians (who Hamas seem determined to deliberately put in harms way by their choice of launch sites) where as the Palestinians do in incidents like this killing in Jerusalem , so the total body count is not the issue.Choice of target is.
    In any case if Hamas is putting women and children in harms way doesn’t that make those women and children for all intents and purposes combatants and therefore legitimate targets?

  3. Suburban Marxist says:

    And you’ve been told before that the IDF, by using area-effect weapons such as bombs, doesn’t give a damn if civilians are killed when it attacks its targets. In fact they cannot but be aware that civilians will die, as they do almost every time they attack.

    Btw, where is this evidence that the Palestinians firing rockets do so in a way that puts women and children at risk? Gaza is one of the most heavily crowded areas in the world. I think it would be extremely difficult to find a launch site that wasn’t near a populated area.

  4. Madd McColl says:

    SB, there is ample evidence that Palestinian militants don’t give a shit where those rockets land, or where they’re fired from. Hamas must expect a militant reaction from Israel as it’s leaders primary duty is to protect it’s civilians from attack.

    What’s surprising is how conditioned Israel is to these random missiles. If we or any other country had to suffer them it’d be on in an instant.

  5. Suburban Marxist says:

    What’s surprising is how conditioned Israel is to these random missiles. If we or any other country had to suffer them it’d be on in an instant.

    They’re probably held back by the shame of occupying some else’s land in the first place MM.

  6. Iain says:

    we both know that only Israelis of the idiot left don’t view the land as their birthright from biblical times…

  7. Madd McColl says:

    I disagree with both of you, it is not their “birthright” anymore than it is the Palestinians. You can go back as far as you like in most countries and the ethnic makeup will have ultered over time which beggars the question, how far back is far enough when deciding such things? The Palestinians have been there for thousands of years so they are entitled to a claim also, need Israel be primarily Jewish or Palestine Arabic?

    Furthermore, the argument that Israel is entitled to a hold because it can is just rubbish. Israel is propped up with enormous amounts of foreign aid and military hand-outs, it’s power is argably fragile.

    But to counter SM’s claim, why must Israel always be focused on as the problem here? Hamas are deliberately targetting Israeli civilians in terror bombings and Israel are responding to protect their civilians as they logically should. Hamas (and others) are provoking this at the same time that real progress is, or was, being made between Abbas and Israel. Now why is that? Israel is a reality for the forseeable future, Palestinians should get used to it, and deal with it peacefully. I have no sympathy for their tactics.

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