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“Islamic threats shut art exhibit”

From correspondents in Berlin

February 29, 2008 06:51am

Article from: Agence France-Presse
AN exhibition by Danish artists in Berlin has been closed due to threats received over a photo deemed to be offensive to Muslims, organisers said.

The exhibition, which opened in central Berlin on February 22, has been closed to ensure the safety of staff and visitors, Ralf Hartmann from the artists’ collective Kunstverein Tiergarten said today.

The show by Danish collective Surrend is aimed at depicting what they say is the absurdity of extremism in all religions.

One of the 21 photos is of the Kaaba – the cube-shaped building inside the Grande Mosque in Mecca – with the inscription describing the stone as “stupid”.

Another shows an astronaut on the moon standing next to an Israeli flag. The photo has the inscription “Neonazi-Hallucination”.

In 2006 an avant-garde adaptation of a Mozart opera was scrapped because of threats resulting from the use of Mohammed’s decapitated head in the production.

News .com.au

I really don’t understand just why the Germans are so willing to give in to Islamic intimidation in matters such as this. It certainly shows a distinct lack of intestinal fortitude when it comes to the matter of free speech, or artistic expression. Which is so sad when the German Dada artists were so courageous in their willingness to criticise the Nazis in the period leading up to the second world war with great pieces like this collage. For those not versed in the period this refers to a Nazi slogan extolling the German people to have “guns before butter” and devote the nation to re-arming rather than raising the standard of living after the devastating depression in the early 1930’s .

In our modern society we should be defending the right of artists to mock the religious dogmas and icons even when this offends the true believers. Sadly having surrendered to the threat of Islamic protest once before they are now clearly in a paradigm where surrender is the only option.

Cheers Comrades




  1. Suburban Marxist says:

    Except that, the Nazi’s had tens of thousands of stormtroopers on the streets ready to stamp out any (left-wing) opposition to their march to power whereas Muslims in present-day Europe are a persecuted minority, subject to a similar wave of racism experienced by Jews in the 1930s.

    When major European newspapers come out with cartoons showing Jesus sodomizing an Alter Boy (after all, if Islam is linked to ‘terrorism’, then surely Christianity is linked to pedophilia), maybe then I’ll accept your argument that these institutions are standing up for Western, secular values…

  2. Iain says:

    Of course SM the last part of your comment is just stupid and suggests that the art work in question is talking about the sexual proclivities of the prophet , which according to the Muslim teaching was an interest in little girls and not little boys as you imply.

    But there is a very long tradition of works of art that mock Christianity why this painting could in theory be just as offensive to devout Christians as labelling the Kabaya as “stupid” surely as atheist you must think that all religious ritual is essentially stupid so why do you find reason to attack someone who has the temerity to say so in a work of art?

    But really the they are a repressed minority line just does not wash at all in these days of violent protest and suicide bombers the devout Islamist does not need tens of thousands of storm troopers to intimidate all they need is a few hot heads to take rucksacks filled with peroxide and Chapati flower into the trains or crowded places in the city.Your comment is just a desperate attempt to defend a faith group on the basis that they oppose the western culture that you hate.

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