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The children of Islam

Now I have always made the distinction between Islamists and ordinary Muslims who just want to make a good life here however our good friends who follow the leftist faith are ever keen to try to down play the threat of the Islamist with in this country.So keen in fact that they want to deny the reality that there are Islamists here. 

Mr Maidment said recordings would show that Benbrika had derided as a “dumbhead” a journalist who had interviewed him on the ABC. Mr Maidement said that, asked, he thought about killing innocent people, Benbrika had essentially replied that it was forbidden.

A week later, Mr Maidment said, Benbrika told another accused that the reporter was “‘a dumbhead, because he didn’t ask the next question, ‘What do you really mean by innocent?’ And, of course, if he had asked that, then my answer might have been different or more revealing.”‘

Mr Maidment said, “What he meant was, of course, ‘I had my fingers crossed. What I really meant was that the Australian people who voted for John Howard couldn’t be regarded as innocent people, and therefore pursuit of violent jihad within Australia is permitted.”‘

Brisbane Times

You see the problem for the followers of the leftist faith ask the wrong questions repeatedly and they are too easily satisfied by prevarication from anyone who is a Muslim. They accept without question the sweet words that tell those same leftists exactly what they want to hear.
There is a great deal of evidence emerging in the trial of these men and we can only hope that this results in hefty jail sentences if the accused are found guilty but a far more important result that I sadly don’t expect to be delivered would be that the people of Australia recognise the reality of the threat that is festering away in the Islamic community. For although I am happy to concede that not every Muslin is a terrorist there is no doubt that most terrorists are the children of Islam.

Cheers Comrades



  1. Damian says:

    Iain, can you clarify this for me? You write that:

    “[Leftists] want to deny the reality that there are Islamists here”.

    Who are the “leftists” and when and how have they argued that there are no Islamic fundamentalists in Australia?

  2. Iain says:

    It is probably a circular argument Damian but the leftists are those who make endless complaints that every time someone cites the threat of terrorist atrocities that they are doing so because they are an Islamophobe.

  3. Strider says:

    Interesting post. A point to keep in mind is that there is a concept in Islamic law called ‘Tagieh’ (I think it is pronounced takia). Tagieh permits, and indeed requires, lying in certain circumstances. Originally, it was only to save one’s life. But the circumstances under which it is allowed have broadened to the point where it is permitted in a lot of other circumstances.

    I persume that lying about matters involving waging murderous jihad is another example of Tagieh.

  4. Damian says:

    Iain, if you respond like that then it will be a circular argument indeed.

  5. Suburban Marxist says:

    For although I am happy to concede that not every Muslin is a terrorist there is no doubt that most terrorists are the children of Islam.

    Except of course that there hasn’t been a Islamic inspired terrorist attack in Australia. In fact the last religously motivated attack was carried out by Christian fundamentalist who murdered a security guard at a fertility clinic in Melbourne. Prior to that I believe it was members of Ananda Marga, a Hindu inspired sect who were framed for the Hilton Hotel bombing in 1978. And before that I think there were attacks by Croation (Catholic) extremists in the 1960s and 1970s.

    Again, on the implication that the cause of terrorism can be found in the Koran, why now? Why not twenty years ago? Or in the 1930s?

  6. Iain says:

    we live a world where what happens in London, New York or Bali is witnessed in our lounge room so the fact that there has not been an atrocity here is less significant that you want us to believe.
    As for why now? truly there is no way of knowing with any certitudes so that is a question that we can safely leave to some future historian. But what we can not afford to do is ignore the fact that given the means these twelve men would certainly have killed a thousand of our fellow Australians, such a wicked conspiracy deserves to be punished with the utmost severity, as we lack a capital sanction here I think that anything less that imprisonment at her majesties pleasure would be an inadequate outcome under our law.
    Frankly I think that there is no excuse and no acceptable mitigation for what these men wanted to do and your suggestions that a few Christian nutters are in any sense the same as these would be Jihadists is a piss poor argument that clearly has Chronic fatigue syndrome.

  7. Suburban Marxist says:

    But what we can not afford to do is ignore the fact that given the means these twelve men would certainly have killed a thousand of our fellow Australians…

    That’s conjecture. Whether they had the motivation, willingness, means and comptency is to carry out such an act is highly dubious. If not then why are the charges against them so vague? I mean, ‘Possesing a ‘”thing” related to terrorism’..!?

    I have a copy of Che Guevara’s ‘Guerilla Warfare’ which details explicity how to run a guerilla war and which, amongst other things, sets out instructions for the manufacture of rifle fired molotov cocktails. I believe it was published by Penguin books and I believe it also available on Amazon.com. I’ve seen copies of the ‘Anarchists Cookbook’ and instructions on how to avoid police surveillance are freely available on the internet.

    I suspect that if the authorities were to apply this charge without bias quite a few Australians on both the Right and Left would need to be rounded up!

    …such a wicked conspiracy deserves to be punished with the utmost severity…

    Indeed it does if it can be proven, but what can be proven without a doubt is the conspiracy carried out by Bush, Blair and Howard, a conspiracy involving lies, fraud and the deaths of something like one million people. If I can affected by the sight of atrocities carried out on my TV screen in London (which I was, I had a close friend who narowly escaped the bombing on the Tube that day) or Madrid then I can also be affected by the far more deadly, bloody and frequent atrocities that have been occuring on a dialy basis in Iraq and Afghanistan for the past few years.

    Fine put the Barwon 13 on trial, but I’d like to see those who do or who have represented a far more urgent ‘clear and present’ danger… Bush, Blair and Howard in the dock first.

  8. Iain says:

    the evidence so far made public is a great deal more than conjecture or are you seriously going to try to say that the accused discussing what they want to do, actively seeking through criminal enterprises, to raise the funds to finance those plans is the same as you have a copy of Che Guevara?
    Man you are wearing blinkers that not only exclude the light from the sides but also from the front as well.
    You love to cite the atrocities in Afghanistan and Iraq but you always ignore the fact that even there the killers are not American British or Australian troops but more Muslims killing their fellows because they are not the right brand of the faith ect ect.
    Your position would have a bit more respectability , if just for once you could admit that the Jihadists on trial here are actually culpable for the actions and that their action are in fact deserving of our disgust. as it is you seem far to blinded by the same sort of perverted hatreds and conspiring theories that inspire Benbrcika and his acolytes.

  9. Tom Campbell says:

    Those deluded individuals who make war on the West are really the Wicked Children of Islam. They have distorted and twisted the truths of the Koran to their own nihilist creed. They are Shaitani! Remember, Shaitan will quote scripture.

  10. Mark L. says:

    The Wicked Children of Islam should get a smack and go to the ‘naughty corner’. And no 72 virgins unless they eat their falafel.

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