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Arranged marriages cause birth defects

This story looks to me like a very good argument against Multiculturalism that encourages immigrants to remain in their ghetto like enclaves in the cities where they settle but more importantly it also suggests that for those who follow medieval cultural traditions are likely to be a burden rather than a boon for the nations who welcome them into a new life.

A government minister has warned that inbreeding among immigrants is causing a surge in birth defects – comments likely to spark a new row over the place of Muslims in British society.

Phil Woolas, an environment minister, said the culture of arranged marriages between first cousins was the “elephant in the room”. Woolas, a former race relations minister, said: “If you have a child with your cousin the likelihood is there’ll be a genetic problem.”

The minister, whose views were supported by medical experts this weekend, said: “The issue we need to debate is first cousin marriages, whereby a lot of arranged marriages are with first cousins, and that produces lots of genetic problems in terms of disability [in children].”

Woolas emphasised the practice did not extend to all Muslim communities but was confined mainly to families originating from rural Pakistan. However, up to half of all marriages within these communities are estimated to involve first cousins.

Medical research suggests that while British Pakistanis are responsible for 3% of all births, they account for one in three British children born with genetic illnesses.

The minister’s comments come as Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, rejected calls to resign over claims that Islamic law should be introduced in Britain. “I’m not contemplating resignation,” he told friends.

The Times

One of the potential advantages of welcoming immigrants into a society is the possibility of expanding that societies gene pool but when those same immigrants not only allow but encourage many generations of first cousin marriages there are genetic consequences. Maybe there needs to be amendments to the marriage act that forbids such unions in particular if either the bride or the groom are themselves the product of a first cousin union…

Cue ranting Leftists talking about cultural sensitivity…

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