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Careful what you wish for…

THE joy felt by ordinary Gazans at breaking Israel’s siege this week could prove short-lived as renewed Israeli fuel cuts threaten to black out much of the strip again.

Aid groups warn that the fresh influx of supplies being carried back from Egypt by tens of thousands of shoppers, on foot and in donkey carts, cannot compensate for the hundreds of tonnes of food, goods and, above all, fuel needed to preserve the basic fabric of life in the blockaded Gaza Strip.

Apparently angered by the success of Hamas militants in forcing open the Gaza Strip’s southern border on Wednesday, Israel has again restricted fuel oil for the enclave’s only power plant, threatening much of Gaza City with crippling power cuts. These, in turn, could shut down hospitals and vital services whose emergency generators are desperately short of diesel oil.

The Age

To my friends from the far left the sight of the Palestinians knocking down the border wall between Gaza and Egypt is just as heroic as the fall of the wall in Berlin. I  think that this stunt by Hamas may well prove to be a less than positive in the long run if the result is a substantial rearming of the rocket and mortar makers.

The situation in Gaza is a sad example of just how the Islamists from Hamas exploit the public image of Palestinian suffering and how they use that as a front to cover their own military actions against Israeli civilians. However if there is a major upsurge in the rocket attacks or suicide bombings in Israel I can’t see the restraint shown by the IDF continuing I wonder if the Israelis have considered driving all of the Palestinians from Gaza into Egypt?

The problem when it comes to the conflict between the Palestinians and Israel is that both sides have claims upon the same real estate that have very long historical pedigrees. Personally I think that I Israeli pedigree is more substantial that the one  claimed by the Palestinians. However given that neither side is willing to cede their claims it really comes down to who can exclude the other from the land they claim. By constantly provoking Israel with the militarily pointless rocket attacks Hamas have sought to create an environment of crisis that their ideology  needs to survive  Hamas risks the people of Gaza being subject to a military response that could destroy what little they have and that would make the privations of Israel’s blockade seem like luxury living.

The only long term solution to the suffering of Gaza is a negotiated settlement…

Sadly not likely  Comrades


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