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Paying for his unjustified punishment

Regular readers may remember that I have very little time for anyone who make false rape accusations. That this accusation got as far as the chap in question doing time in jail strikes me as a very good reason that we should take such fraud very seriously indeed. Deducting the cost of his time in prison does however seem to be adding insult to injury…

The father-of-two, said: “It’s the principle of the thing. They slam you in jail for three years and four months, brand you a sex attacker, leave your family to cope without you, then turn around and say sorry but demand £12,500 for living expenses incurred during your time inside.

“I tried to fight against it but my solicitor says the only hope of overturning the decision would be to go all the way to the European Court of Human Rights. I would probably use up all the compensation money on legal fees if I did that.”

Warren Blackwell,Warren Blackwell, with wife Tanya, is being charged £12,500 for his ‘board and lodging’ in prison despite being wrongly jailed

Mr Blackwell was jailed on the word of a woman who claims he seized her at knifepoint outside a village club early on New Year’s Day 1999, marched her down an alleyway and indecently assaulted her.

She picked him out of an identity parade and a jury found him guilty, even though there was no forensic evidence and he had no previous convictions.

His wife Tanya never doubted him and an investigation by the Criminal Cases Review Commission later discovered that his accuser had invented the story.

Not only did Mr Blackwell not commit the crime, but the crime had never taken place.

It also emerged she was a serial accuser, having fabricated at least seven other allegations of sexual and physical assault against blameless men.

Daily Mail

I just wonder what sort of penalty this fraudster has or will receive for her malicious lies? Strangely I am far from confident that she will even do the three years and four months that her victim has had to endure, but surely she should do at least that sort of time, not just for the suffering she has caused to Warren Blackwell but also for the way that she has made it harder for women who have actually been raped to be believed and to get justice in the courts.

Cheers Comrades


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  1. Question says:

    Why is there such a high price tag on so called modesty of woman in the first place?
    Why are women so much bothered about their modesty being tranished as against the same happening to men.

    Why would anybody not molest men…And instead choose to beat them black and blue when provoked/challenged.

    I think is is because men care two hoots about this ill evolved/conceived thing called modesty but care a lot about their lives and physical well beings(just like every other living being on this planet does excpet for female gender of human species). Hooligans criminals(rapists in the case of women) would attack what ever is your weakest point or what is dearest to you.

    And I am little surprised that weakest point of even of our strong women(feminists) still continues to be sex. Are our strong women still victim of mentality which forces them to hold their sexuality(intact from a trespassing) above their actual physical well being. When can we start witness accusations of physical assualt on women(as against sexual assualts).

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