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7000 lashes

I cite this report as a reminder to the minions of the far left that for all of the shortcomings in western society, in the way that gay people may be perceived or treated, under Islam there will never be even our level of tolerance.

RIYADH – Two men in Saudi Arabia have been sentenced to 7,000 lashes each after being convicted of sodomy and have received their first round of punishment in public, a newspaper said today.

The men, who were not identified, were meted out an unspecified number of lashes in public in the the southwestern city of Al-Bahah on Tuesday evening, the Al-Okaz daily reported.

They were then returned to prison where they are to be held until the full punishment is completed, the newspaper added, without saying how many sessions this would involve.


Perhaps the next time that a lefty  wants to try to lump together a conservatives attitude to homosexuality and  attitudes to the threat posed by the Jihadists perhaps they should reserve more of the approbation for the followers of Mohammad who would sentence a man to 7000 lashes for sodomy.

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  1. I don’ think this post makes the point you think it does.

    Saudi Arabia is one of several countries where homosexual acts are illegal, and harshly punished. It is also one of the most anti-semitic countries in the world, and is a regular abuser of the human rights of its citizens.

    None of this is of concern to the conservatives in the US and elsewhere, who lend their uncritical support for the regime. The media is happy to demonise Iran, a place much better than Saudi Arabia, whilst the House of Saud escapes scrutiny. There is no leftist in the world who supports the Saud regime, but there are plenty of conservatives who do, in practice.

    Incidentally, ‘gay rights’ have progressed in the west in spite of conservatives, not because of them. Homosexual acts are still illegal in a number of US states, and the conservatives in Australia have done all they can to prevent gay couples having equal rights to the hetero couples. Such blatant discrimination is clearly not equivalent to Saudi Arabia’s treatment of gays, but it’s hardly something to be commended.

  2. Iain says:

    Why do you say that Hap I thought that you were very much a believer that the intention of an author is the only valid interpretation of a piece?
    My point remains entirely valid.

  3. Why do you say that Hap I thought that you were very much a believer that the intention of an author is the only valid interpretation of a piece?

    You may see from my site that I am a fan of psychoanalysis, so I’m not sure why you’d conclude the above.

    I’m still yet to see any evidence of any ‘lefties’ anywhere showing support for the ruling powers in Saudi Arabia, so your point seems rather confused, to me.

  4. Iain says:

    I draw my conclusion from the fact that you continue to rile against my interpretations of the things that you write. Strangely you don’t insist that other people’s work should likewise be only judged on what is explicitly said in them.

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