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My life’s in ruins*, says teacher cleared* of having hotel sex romps with 17-year-old pupil


00:03am on 4th October 2007

Cleared*: Teacher Andrew Riley outside court yesterday

A teacher who was cleared of having cocaine-fuelled sex with a pupil has told how his life had been ruined by his teenage accuser.

Andrew Riley, 36, said his marriage and his career were left in tatters after the girl claimed the pair enjoyed a series of liaisons in hotels.

He told the jury that although he had stayed in hotels with her and admitted that their relationship made him feel wanted, there had been no sex.

The 17-year-old, who suffered from low self-esteem and had problems at home, struck up a close friendship with the handsome PE teacher after he took her under his wing.

But he and the girl began to exchange Internet messages detailing their fantasies and sexual experiences.

When the girl went to university Mr Riley decided to end the relationship but she was furious and reported him to police.

Yesterday the married father of two was found not guilty at Preston Crown Court of two counts of abuse of trust by having sex with a person under 18 and not guilty of a charge of offering to supply cocaine*.

Daily Mail

Putting aside  that this teacher has been bloody stupid in the way that he related to this young woman, the fact is that she has made accusations against him that have been proven by the jury at his trial to be false. He has clearly been exonerated and my commentator Mark L would have us believe that now that the teacher has been vindicated by the jury that his life will happily return to normal. Some how I don’t think that Andrew Ridley’s life will ever be the same again.

 Does this example  help Mark understand just why I think that false accusations of sexual impropriety, or rape, should be seen for the life destroying crimes that they so clearly are?

I hope so.
Cheers comrades

*emphasis added to quote


  1. Mark L. says:

    And uuuppppp goes one of Iain’s straw men again. I never claimed that being falsely accused couldn’t be damaging, but rather that in most cases it wouldn’t be as psychologically damaging as being a victim of rape yourself.
    If you hark back to the original thread you’ll see that you started this nonsense in the first place, claiming that one was ‘just as bad’ as the other – then, amazingly, your final post accuses me of moral relativism and trying to compare apples and oranges!

  2. Iain says:

    I will concede the point that you never claimed that false accusations would not be hurtful, but that is not what I am saying about your comments on that thread. You repeatedly insisted that someone, such as your self would easily get over such false accusations. Well I offer this piece as an example of why getting over such things is not likely to be as easy as you would have us believe.
    And I never once suggested that being raped was “just as bad” as being falsely accused but I did say that both were serious matters. It was you that wanted to lessen the seriousness of false accusations by suggesting that actual rape was worse. Of course rape is worse than bearing false witness but both offences ruin lives.
    Oh and please don’t take this as any kind of personal attack directed at you because it is not intended to be one.

  3. MK says:

    “Does this example help Mark understand…”
    Obviously not..

  4. Mark L. says:

    No problem Iain, I don’t interpret it as a personal attack.
    Your position on this has shifted because initially you said that “to my mind bearing false witness is right up there with Rape itself” while now you state that “…of course rape is worse than bearing false witness”, and that is the point I was trying to make. We are in agreement that both offences should be dealt with harshly by the courts.

  5. Mark L. says:

    Of course, if someone was on trial for falsely accusing MK of being an idiot, there’s not a court in Australia that would convict.

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