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Flowers in my garden

Ain’t nature grand?

Cheers comrades



  1. MK says:

    It sure is, especially with the right help, good job there Iain..

  2. Mark L. says:

    Vast quantities of bullshit makes the flowers in your garden shine, and many bloggers utilise the same principle 😉

  3. Iain says:

    Actually mark my aproach to gardening is very laidback(chuck it in and see if it can survive neglect) and does not utilise any fertilisers at all.

  4. gecko says:

    These are beautiful Iain! Would love to do a wee wander through with my camera 🙂

  5. Legal Eagle says:

    Especially love the orchids.

    Orchids rock.

  6. Iain says:

    Hi LE
    I got that Orchid from a lady who I was doing some work for, prior to her selling her house, and it has had almost total neglect from me. Yet every year at this time it puts on a magnificent show. I can really understand why some people get very potty indeed about orchids 😀

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