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“Wikipedia clamps down on ‘unreliable’ editors”

Wikipedia, the online encyclopaedia compiled by computer users, is to stop people from editing entries after a series of questionable updates cast a shadow over its accuracy and reliability.

Ordinary users will no longer be able to edit information and to see those changes appear instantly on the screen.

Under plans being considered they will have to submit changes to a team of “trusted editors” who would then decide whether to update the entries.

The move follows complaints that the site is open to abuse from individuals and organisations wanting to slander their rivals or competitors.

Under the current system, anyone can edit an entry at any time, which means that people often post inaccurate and sometime malicious information.

There have already been some highly embarrassing changes.

Daily Telegraph

The problem with the Internet has always been knowing just what part of the sea of information out there has any sort of veracity. Wikipedia has always suffered from the same problem. Even this humble scribe has made some edits to Wiki that have remained unchallenged (no it was not to the entry on McDonald’s) the move to moderate editing of this site really was inevitable in the light of so many stories of vested interests tweaking entries to suit their own agendas. However what I want to know is who will watch the watchers?

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  1. Elijah says:

    Really depends on which article. I’ve edited some parts of Wiki and seen some bad edits which get corrected pretty quick.

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