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A better Jag?



The RONART W152 is a British, hand built, high performance, two seater sports/racing car suitable for road and track use. JAGUAR powered, the W152 has a uniquely individual style reminiscent of Formula One cars of the post war period.

This unique car is availble both as a factory built car to your individual specification, or in component form for the enthusiast to build using a Jaguar XJ.

Personally I just love the audacity of this car and it very much reminds me of Colin Chapman’s design philosophy, on steroids, frankly I don’t think that you could not find a better way to recycle a XJ series Jag.



  1. Elijah says:

    I’m glad there are still people around pushing the boundaries. I guess the “Remnant” is a real as well as a theoretical concept.

  2. Joe says:

    That car is gorgeous. I wish the mainstream automakers were still making cars like that off the line.

  3. bob p says:

    go and see arthur in peterborough and place an order. i did. i know of few other people who can design/build a 500bhp +chassis at such a buget price. ronarts engineering is of such a standard that the donor bits fall perfectly into place giving it a real ease of build. …………..happy car builder………..

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