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How do you know when a blogging Greenie is Mad? (as in angry, not bonkers*)

Since the arrival of “Greens Watch” on the scene it has been far from edifying to see the way that a couple of that sites targets have been loudly denouncing them.

Gravatar PS Before anyone has a go at me for once being anonymous, there’s a critical difference between offering political commentary and making defamatory claims as to fact from behind anonymity.

Attack a minor lefty blogger, the Greens will crumble!
Let’s go self-googling!

Actions vs words

And now, for a race to the bottom

But the thing that is so very sad is that in all of these posts Jeremy has consistently claimed , as he does in the comment I quote above, that Greens Watch exists only to smear and defame but I have yet to see even one aspect of Greens Watch given any substantial scrutiny or any particular claim made on the site any satisfactory rebuttal.

So we have 1500 words, 167 lines that really amount to nowt. We can be certain that he is rather upset and when people are upset they do some strange things. I recommend that readers check out any of the blog posts that Greens Watch has cited in their expose on my learned friend and you will see that he has added a little footnote to each trying to explain away all of the sins that have been exposed to wider scrutiny.
Subsequent to my first piece on Greens Watch I had a rather interesting email correspondence with my learned friend, and on at two occasions I opined that if what they were claiming was so false then Jeremy should write a detailed rebuttal. Sadly he has not taken up my suggestion and he should know by now that just making assertion that the site is all about hate and going the smear do not make it so.

* We know that they are all bonkers.


  1. Elijah says:

    Amen, Ian. Bonkers and Greenie are synonyms.

  2. Matt says:

    Just what I’d expect. All greenies have grass jaws.

  3. Iain says:

    “Grass Jaws” I like that Matt, but one has to wonder if that is Grass as in Hemp or grass as in couch….

  4. Matt says:

    That would be hemp, since they smoke so much it’s sarted growing on their chins.

    But for the insider greenie who seems to be spilling the (mung) beans to the likes of Andrew Landeryou and Greens Watch? Super-grass, of course.

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