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90% burns and more arrests

An off duty policeman sprays water at a burning bomber who tried to ignite explosives at Glasgow AirportThis afternoon there was a controlled explosion of a car outside the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley – where one of the suspected airport bombers remains in a critical condition. He is understood to have 90 per cent burns and is under police guard*.Witnesses said that there is currently a 200-metre cordon around the hospital.

Anti-terror officers from the Met and West Midlands Police later arrested a further two people on the M6 in connection with all the attacks, Scotland Yard said.

The two arrested on the motorway were a 26-year-old man and 27-year-old woman. They are today being interviewed at a central London police station.

A 26-year-old man has also been arrested in Liverpool in connection with the national terror alert.

It is understood that police used a taser gun on this man and that two addresses are being searched in Liverpool. (Daily Mail)

Well it seems there can be some good news in a story about terrorism. The revelation that there have been further arrests in relation to this latest bombing campaign certainly is good news. As is the news that one of  Glasgow’s would be bombers has burns to 90% of his body. People with such extensive burns seldom survive their injuries and usually have a slow and very painful death, usually succumbing to shock and infection. It could not happen to a nicer bloke now could it?

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  1. strider says:


    I couldn’t agree more. Whilst I prefer not to wish pain and suffering on my fellow creatures, a monster such as this critter who was about to do something like this to innocent people is getting poetic justice – and hopefully this will be peanuts compared to what is waiting for them in the afterlife!

    Incidentally, there was something in the ABC News today about Wahabbism in Sydney. I have posted about it on my blog, and I would welcome your opinion.



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