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Hybrid Hooey


I, and others, have often denounced hybrid cars as a very poor choice for the environmentally aware driver read this piece from the UK for a very detailed explanation of why I am correct.

Addressing two aspects of design; reducing weight and reducing aerodynamic drag can find the solution to the economic car design problem. The Prius may do something for the later but it fails miserably on the former.

There you go dear readers I have covered the gamut of my usual topics all in one day! You can’t claim that I don’t give you what you expect when you click on the link to this blog

Cheers 😉


  1. Brett_McS says:

    Judging from the second photo, Ken Livingston’s Prius is creating dangerously high levels of smug.

    And there is the little matter of what to do with the batteries – something not mentioned in the otherwise excellent article.

  2. Iain says:

    There is a guy who uses the battery packs from about three of these hybrids to power an electric Westfield clubman…

  3. kg says:

    Apparently the batteries are made in Canada, Brett and the area surrounding the factory is like a moonscape, due to the toxic waste. I’ll see if I can find a link.

  4. kg says:

    wrong–the nickel for the batteries is mined and processed in Canada. By Inco, in Sudbury.

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