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No lights out for Live Hypocrisy Concerts

I just love it when silly stunts from green hypocrites get knocked on the head by the cold hard light of reality.

Roger Daltrey, of the Who, said another concert would simply waste fuel; Bob Geldof, who helped to organise Live Aid and Live 8, said people were already aware of the greenhouse effect; while Matt Bellamy, front man of the rock band Muse, labelled it “private jets for climate change”.

The switch-off was conceived as an emblematic act in the same way that Will Smith, the actor, coordinated people across the world to click their fingers every three seconds during the Live 8 concerts to convey that in Africa another child had died.

It was meant to create a moment that would resonate round the world and provide a counterpoint to the old fad for holding carbon-emitting cigarette lighters aloft at concerts.

It would also have given Britain its biggest blackout since the blitz and the miners’ strikes of the 1970s – and encapsulated the message of the urgency to save energy.

However, it has had to be shelved after the keepers of Britain’s power supply said no. “We are in favour of sustained energy efficiency as opposed to people just doing it very suddenly as a stunt,” said a spokesman for the National Grid.

“The organisers of Live Earth planned to do this very symbolic act but we had concerns because it was impossible for us to forecast what would happen.”

John Gaydon, producer of the British concert at the new Wembley stadium, said: “The National Grid warned us that it would put too much pressure on the power supply and would be potentially dangerous for hospitals.”

Gore has admitted that the concerts will consume a vast amount of electricity. To combat criticism of their own damaging effect on the environment, the organisers will pay at least £1m in carbon credits and supply acts with hybrid cars, partly run on electricity, to ferry stars to venues as well as fuel-efficient Smart cars to run around backstage.

They also claim that the power for the shows will come from green suppliers and biofuels. Food and drink sellers will use biodegradable plastics and there will be waste recycling systems.

The event at Wembley on July 7 will be headlined by Madonna, who green campaigners say used 440 tons of CO2 in four months on her Confessions tour last year. Artists from America lined up for the stadium include the Black Eyed Peas, Red Hot Chili Peppers and John Legend, a singer who has been criticised for making advertisements for 4×4 vehicles. (Source)

Is there no end to the Hubris of these people? Firstly they think that using the ultimate consumerist enterprise on the planet, recorded popular music, to sell the idea of “climate change” is with out any contradiction and secondly they propose to buy indulgences (carbon credits) to salve their consciences for the massive amount of fuel and energy that will be used to stage these shows. I have some mixed feelings about the ban on their switch the lights off stunt though because part of me wants them to try it only to find that no one pays them any attention, or an even better would be a spike in consumption if people of good sense turned on extra lights as a protest against the Live Hypocrisy concerts. As it is I will just enjoy the machinations as they try to paint as virtue that which is clearly folly.

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  1. Brett_McS says:

    “Private jets for climate change”. Hehe.

  2. Elijah says:

    I am so glad I do not pay for most music. 😀

  3. Kim says:

    Some of the old ones are getting smarter, eh?

    Fewer high profile performances and maybe more money where it counts?

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