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Vitamins can be deadly…

They discarded some trials which they regarded as unreliable. Amongst the rest, they found there was a significantly increased risk of death in people taking some vitamins – alone or in combinations. Vitamin A increased mortality risk by 16 per cent. Vitamin E upped the risk by four per cent and beta carotene seven per cent. Selenium and vitamin C didn’t show any increased risk (and selenium actually seemed to lower the risk of death).

I have always thought that vitamins that people are so keen to take have two qualities
1. they are drugs despite the claims by many that they are “natural”
2. Taking them in most cases only achieves one thing; and that thing is a fat profit for the companies that make them.
Anyway the new report on the ABC health matters page tells us that Vitamins can Kill and it must be true is Auntie tells us so 😀 Even I can agree when they tell me that we should

Try food instead

So it’s a good reason to leave the pills and capsules sitting on the supermarket shelf. Go to the fresh food and dairy sections instead – there’s beta carotene in yellow, red, and deep green vegetables; vitamin A in cheese, eggs, oily fish, milk, and yoghurt; and vitamin E in soya, corn, olive oil and nuts.

Tastier, cheaper and they won’t kill you.


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