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Make the call…

There is nothing certain when you are trying to lay a ghost and the general wisdom is that the longer a ghost has been haunting a house the harder it is to remove the malicious spirit. This is of course the case with the ghost that has been haunting this poor chap he tried valiantly to lay the Ghost of Edmund Blackadder but as all can see the wraith has returned to his place of honour, perhaps some one should tell him who he should call.

The malicious spirit has been once again been exorcised from the top right hand corner of the page but he still manifests him self in every comment in the form of a tiny gravitar image and he still lays claim to the profile picture place .

There are a few dishonest scummy trolls out there on the interwebs pretending to be me – commenting on other blogs as “MrLefty” (using the Blackadder image above), copying my posts into new blogs (or trying to steal myactual ones) but slightly changing the text to invert its meaning, and generally being obnoxious in an attempt to sully my good, uh, pseudonym.

If you want that Ghost exorcised you have to do it right. Make the call!!! :o)


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