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He admits It .


Here we have for the first time Troll-Boy admitting the vices that have been highlighted at FWC . troll boy has kindly provided an image of his his favorite breakfast ,after all how could he sprout it if he did not take delight in eating it?

“I am gay,
Well in this day and age no one seems to care so Troll-boy may as well come out of the closet but Mikey does not bat for that team so you are wasting your time trying to chat him up. (makes a note of Troll boy’s proclivities for over weight men with bottom issues)

“I was sexually abused,
We see things all the time about how we should try and break the cycle of abuse and you are a very sad and perhaps Troll-boys more pernicious qualities can be traced to the fact that his mother is also his sister.

“I am disliked by my family,
Some members of Troll-boy’s family have managed to claw their way up out of the pit of shame that has been dug by generations of incestuous abuse and they have no desire to associate with the one individual who is keen to keep the cycle going and they rightly wish to protect their children.

“I am a geek,
This should not be such a bad thing in this day and age when techno toys are everywhere but it is so sad when the closest relation ship that a person has is with the Gay chat line and his mobile phone

“I eat too much pizza.
Of course this gives Troll-boy a lot of anguish because it is indicative of the fact that he could not even prepare any meal that does not come with microwave instructions..
Now a poster called “Not Iain Hall” has just left me a comment that has just gone to the reject bin well when I get anything from such trolls it is a reflex action however On second thoughts I post his comment here

This post is unintelligible. I don’t understand what you’re trying to
say at all. You’ve got the composition skills of a six year old.

Perhaps you should check the context; each quote from troll-boy is linked to it’s source In any case I don’t try to win any English prizes with this blog.


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