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David has always had a high sense of adventure

“David has always had a high sense of adventure” Terry Hicks on SBS news.

Even as the crowds of supporters thin SBS still keep pushing the Hicks barrow and it was a bit sad to see Terry hicks trying to side step the questions about David’s CV; the admissions of his serving the Jihadi cause in Kosovo and Kashmir
In any case the reports suggest it could be just a matter of weeks until the beginning of proceedings and should he be found guilty I hope that the sentence will be commensurate with the crime.
However this sad sorry chap who refused to even talk to the father who has so championed his cause at Christmas, is still being talked about by the left as if he is some silly tourist who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, I would have thought that no tourist would have returned to Afghanistan, and his Al Qaeda pals after the fall of the towers on 9.11…

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