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Comedy Central or the Ghost of Edmund Blackadder

This time last year I was busy doing battle with Jeremy over his “right” to be anonymous even though he had done a god awful job of concealing his identity. but of late Andrew Landeryou has been giving poor old Jeremy a hard time .his most recent post says a great deal about the anguish he must be feeling

We’re all friends here
It can be a
little tough being a minor lefty blogspot blogger these days. After all, it
doesn’t seem to take much to anger the local righties. And boy, there aint no
limits when they get riled up!There’s Timmeh Blair and his dribbling commenters
constantly trying to link their attacks on me to my work. There’s Andy Slandersyou, now attacking me through my mother. There’s psycho gun nut Charles Woodscolt threatening to shoot my cat. There was the relentless campaign to “out” my real name. And, of course, there was the recent hacking.

I draw readers attention to the false modesty in the opening line of this post according to Technorati there are 292 links to his blog in 121 Blogger’s blog rolls. And 708 links to his blogs in people’s posts. He is a player and yet he constantly denies that he is anything more than “a minor lefty blogspot blogger”.

The other on going Joke is his suggestion that he is being slandered when the details of his privileged past are revealed. I note that Andrew Landeryou has posted a screen shot of his Friendfinders page Detailing Jeremy’s education. Most notable in his response is any denial that the page at friendfinders was actually created by him or that any of the other details like his mothers name are incorrect.

The closing comment of his latest post is a classic;

Either that, or they’re just vicious little pricks who really, viscerally hate anyone who happens to disagree with them, and want to cause them (and their families) pain if at all possible.
It’s kind of sad. And, yes, irritating.

Despite the whining over at the now clearly misnamed “Anonymous Lefty” No one is trying to stop him blogging and No one really cares that he comes from a privileged background and yet he advocates for the left. The problem is that he does not do it very well. Perhaps he is really a prisoner of the net persona that he has created. And It is time for him to exorcise the ghost of Edmund Blackadder that seems to haunt him so fervently now. After all that character as created by Rowan Atkinson was full of piss and vinegar, cowardice and incompetence. That seems to be the tenor of his blog these days. But is so easy to bathe in the accolades of the sycophants who he as cultivated and pretend that all is fine and dandy but if he want to be taken seriously he will have to earn back the respect that he has squandered since his blogs were hacked and then restored.

A wiser man would have refurbished his net persona and renamed his blog.

Threats of litigation come thick and fast

You have made a number of outrageously defamatory slurs against me on your website, not least a large image calling me a “criminal”.

I am considering my options.

Your bankrupt status does complicate things (particularly the fact that it’s $1000 worth of court fees just to get an application for an injunction listed in the Supreme Court). Ultimately it’s a matter of calculating whether such a slur from a known fool like Andrew Landeryou can really do $1000 worth of damage to a person’s reputation. (Given that you haven’t been sued by your other targets, I guess they, at least, have looked at the object of derision you are and decided not.)

We’ll see.
MrLefty Homepage 01.09.07 – 3:31 pm #

I draw readers attention to the small arrow between the top two lines in the image that indicates that the word “criminal” should be read between Jeremy’s name and profession. Which changes the meaning of the title somewhat to Jeremy being a Barrister who deals with criminal matters (as he does ) from the suggestion that he himself may in fact be a criminal (which he is not) .

Whilst I think that Jeremy may deserve severe mockery I do think that Andrew Landeryou has overstepped the mark some what by publishing the residential address and telephone number of his parents .I know that this is information that is available on the public record but Jeremy is a big boy and should be held to account personally, not by involving his parents.

Once you get down to looking at exactly what Landeryou has written you see that in essence he is chiding Jeremy for denying his mother after Landeryou cited her name and the google search that showed some details of her life that is on the public record. I am no expert but have had similar threats from Jeremy when I published a picture of his cat.

It may well be the case that Jeremy is using his, now admitted, position at the bar to intimidate one of his critics which could of course be a breach of his professional ethics as a barrister and It could be a good reason to make a complaint to the Bar Association.

Portions of any work that are quoted are reproduced on the basis of the “fair dealing for purpose of criticism or review” section 41 of the Copyright Act 1968.

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