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An example of the Latte Left.

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IT is quite common, by those of a more conservative bent, to dismiss those on the urban left as "Latte Lefties” for while they espouse and advocate for the many socialist causes in their hearts the despise the common people.

It  Those who are not cognizant with the latest trend in dining at the cafes that they frequent. Look at this anecdote From Scott Bridges

Three generations of bogans walk into the cafe: bogan mum, bogan daughter and bogan grandma. They peruse the food options on display in the cabinet such as chicken focaccias and lamb rolls. These options include such “gourmet” ingredients as pesto and semi-dried tomatoes. I answer their questions about ingredients and note the bogan look of bemusement on their faces.
“What’s that?” Asks bogan mum, pointing.
“Falafel,” I answer.
“What’s falafel?” Whines bogan mum. Bogan grandma actually looks frightened. Bogan daughter looks vacant.
“It’s a chickpea and spice mix that’s been deep fried.”
“Errr,” bogan mum purrs. “We just like plain food. Do ya do sandwidges?”
“Of course,” I attempt to remain polite.
“Whaddaya want?” She nudges bogan daughter back to life who shifts her vacant stare from the wall to the display. Turning to bogan grandma “Mum?”
Bogan grandma shakes her head vigorously. I think she has wet her pants. Bogan daughter manages to drawl an order.
“Can I have chicken and lettuce?”
“Sure,” I reply. “We have a salad mix of lettuce, is that okay?”
“Do ya have normal lettuce?”
I think for a moment. What is normal? She’s either asking a deep philosophical question or looking for iceberg lettuce.
“No I’m sorry,” guessing that it’s the latter. “Do you want anything else?”
“Do you want white or rye bread?”
Bogan mum cuts in.
“What’s rye bread?”

The contempt that Scott shows to the common people is almost palpable in this little tale from his time working in a cafe, but as you read through the archive of his blog you will see this theme repeated time and again for some one with a leftist tinge to his politics he has no understanding, or sympathy for the people of the suburbs. No empathy for those who do the menial jobs that are so necessary to make our society function the people who work in cinemas are just “plebs” and ordinary people without his intellectual pretensions are commonly referred to as “bogans“. As I suggested in my earlier piece “Silvertails, can they ever understand “doing it tough“many of the Latte Left talk the talk on equality and fraternity but they are mere dilettantes when it comes to advocating for the poor and down trodden . What do these dilettantes care about any group of people who are not fashionable to advocate for?
Oh we will hear all sorts of noises from them about the dispossession of the indigenous people, or the “mistreatment” of our Muslim immigrants, but what are they really doing to fix the “evils” that they cite so often and with such fervour? Well beyond mouthing off not much. Sadly too many of these dilettantes, after failing to do any thing of substance with their lives go into teaching. This seems to be the direction our friend Scott is taking. I am really concerned for the children of this country when we have people of Scott’s calibre entering the teaching profession.

Like many of his ilk pedantry is his stock in trade. He has made frequent comments here and elsewhere snidely pointing out that my spelling is sometimes far from perfect. this is something of a” cause ” for our Scott he has written about this sort of thing before at his own blog. He has certainly been a tireless advocate here for the use of proper “English” English metaphorically taking up the cudgels to do battle against any example of Americanized spelling. But in a globalised world can such a position be sustained? The English language is a wonderful dynamic creature that has be come the lingua franca of the world .and where ever it is spoken it has absorbed words and idioms that have added to its richness. So in this global age we have to accept that some words will have different spellings depending on where the writer draws their lexicon . Ultimately though the Latte Left have a deep seated hatred for all things American. However they are more than happy to use the fruits of that countries dynamic culture of innovation. I bet that even Scott’s computer has an Intel processor and uses Microsoft software. Likewise When Scott went on a trip to London he would have ridden in a Jumbo from Boeing.

Some how I tend to think that the reason that he has such a dislike for me and made my blogging such a whipping boy at his own blog it that he sees me an example of a “bogan” who has risen above his station and who refuses to mouth the usual leftist platitudes and slogans; How dare I not believe in abortion on demand? How dare I suggest that Homosexuals should not be able to marry? How dare I express scepticism about the green agenda or global warming? In his eyes I should meekly fall into line and accept the leftist orthodoxy on all of these issues. And that is the problem with so much of the inner urban left they have no real idea about the poor and down trodden, and while they may gleefully try to use Orwell’s visions of dystopia to attack the world’s conservatives the book that comes to mind here is not 1984 or Animal Farm but “Down and out in Paris and London “ and the contrast with the Scott Bridges of the world is startling Here is the account of some one who was the product of, England’s most esteemed public school who walked the walk; living and working with the most put upon at the very bottom of the social hierarchy and what comes across is not the contempt and disdain that permeates ”Grods corp.” but a real feeling of shared humanity and affection for the people he met.

Scott may have spent time doing Menial work washing dishes but he has never developed the understanding or affection for the ordinary people as a result of that practice, he has only used the experience to reinforce his elitist prejudices. Maybe one day he will realise that there is nothing wrong with being unsophisticated or preferring simple foods served with out pretensions.

Australia is, after all, the land of the meat pie, beer and the Holden cars

Portions of any work that are quoted are reproduced on the basis of the “fair dealing for purpose of criticism or review” section 41 of the Copyright Act 1968.


  1. MK says:

    “Latte Left talk the talk on equality and fraternity but they are mere dilettantes when it comes to advocating for the poor and down trodden”

    Notice how the French discriminate against their immigrants, while France is pushed as being the bastion of leftist ideology.

    They make exceptions for violent muslims though.

  2. The Editor says:

    You can still watch it with dial-up, Iain. Just hit play and then pause, go and have a cup of tea, and when you come back in 15 minutes it should have downloaded and you can watch it.

  3. The Editor says:

    Do you know what I just realised, Iain? You stole the whole premise for this post from an episode of Lachlan Connor, Independent. Have you been following the series on GrodsCorp? If not, an introduction to the series is here and the episode you’ve obviously plagiarised (Ep. 9) is here.

  4. The Editor says:

    That picture is clearly of a cappuccino, Iain, not a latte.

  5. The Editor says:

    Thanks for the links, Iain. That was a really long piece — it must’ve taken you all day to write.

  6. PKD says:

    Nescafe nerds?
    Nescafe neo-cons?
    Nescafe nazis?

    Give us a clue!

  7. Legal Eagle says:

    My best friend at my English high school was a neo-Marxist. Now I’ve got to give her a large amount of credit because she was the first person to be nice to a strange Colonial girl, so she was willing to mix with the proles in that respect. But funnily enough, she didn’t like the “lower classes” when she came across real examples: one just couldn’t have an interesting literary discussion with a townie. It would really irritate her when I pointed this out. Fortunately she is a good sport too!

    Still, when I read Engels’ description of Manchester during the height of the Industrial Revolution, I could understand how Marxism came about. Even at the time when I lived there the class divides were so deep, and there wasn’t much movement between them. It made me very glad that my forebears had been transported to or emigrated to Australia. We don’t have that same suffocating class structure.

    But that’s not to say that we don’t have class divides. Look at Kath and Kim. Seems to me that it’s an example of intellectual snobs laughing at their idea of the “lower classes” (aka bogans). If my parents hadn’t been lucky enough to get Commonwealth Scholarships to go to university, they’d probably be laughing at my family too. That show makes me feel sick.

  8. Iain says:

    Hi L E
    I don’t come from the middle class my family were pure working class and when I got to Uni I was actually espousing a lot of leftist ideals. But I found for some strange reason I was not flavor of the month among the lefties there.
    I actually worked all of the time I was at Uni, washing dishes, cleaning dunnies, polishing floors, at one point I had three different jobs while doing full time study. I developed a great deal of disdain for the silver tail socialists who were word perfect in presenting the Marxist line but ask then to explain what it means to be truly broke and they would squirm in their designer jeans.
    Many of them are very well intentioned but they talk through their bums when it comes to the concerns of ordinary people. in the end why should it matter wether ones preferred beverage is made with brown granules from a jar or via a fancy machine, when it comes to sharing a coffee it is the fellowship that matters and not the pretension. And frankly I have had far better fellowship from ordinary people who have nothing, but will share their last bit of tucker with you, than from pretentious people who are more concerned that you are a subscriber to the “correct” political memes.

  9. The Editor says:

    Go to the post to find out, PKD.

  10. Floyd Brown says:

    Iain; Quite obviously you have ‘struck a nerve’ to creat such a stir. Interesting.
    You have re-affirmed my belief concerning the impossibity of moral evolutuon in the ‘Latte Leftist’ from brain-washed drones into real people willing to roll up one’s sleeves and make a true effort to show the rest of the world proof that some can be willing to “walk the walk” even if it means getting dirt underneath one’s manicured nails. “Talk is cheap” and “Bull s+&t walks” seem to fit quite well here.
    Lain, I have noticed some things must be repeated in order that those that might have ‘missed it’ might get a chance to ‘get it’. Please continue to be a ‘plagerist’, for I am one hwo had ‘missed it’.
    I have made several errors in the text of this note in order those ‘anal retentave’ elitist self absorbed might flame me in the usual fashion, before they take a dose of much needed laxative.
    Yes, I am a proud member of the ‘Great unwashed’ that toil endlessly in order that my “betters” may continue to spew at will the veg-pap that passes for Intellectualism in the ‘elite’ of the world. We sneer at you and despise you. However, we do get our revenge. Think about that the next time you have a plumber working in your homes. (Sneer-sneer chortle ).
    My my, I can hear in now,even in the depths of the warren where I live. ” How Dare He!”
    No doubt Mr.-Mrs.-Ms. or he-she Editor will trash this no matter how entertaining.
    regards etc.,
    Mr. Brown
    ( Not a ‘Nom De Plume’ you lurkers )

  11. “What do these dilettantes care about any group of people who are not fashionable to advocate for?

    Since when were Muslims fashionable, particularly amongst the pro-Howard crowd?

    “Oh we will hear all sorts of noises from them about the dispossession of the indigenous people, or the “mistreatment” of our Muslim immigrants, but what are they really doing to fix the “evils” that they cite so often and with such fervor? Well beyond mouthing off not much.”

    Oh yes you will hear a lot of noise, if you come to the next rally or action in defence of Black Australia or against the Great War of Terror, ‘cos, like, I know you’ll be there right? Being so concerned and all…

    Oh btw, as for the ‘inner-urban elites’, the dictionary defines elites as, ‘…a group of persons exercising the major share of authority or influence within a larger group’. Which applies to the Left because uni-educated Green voters obviously have much more influence and power than a genuine elite like Rupert Murdoch, or come to think of it even Andrew Bolt…

  12. “Yes, I am a prowd member of the ‘Great unwashed’that toil endlessly in order that my “betters” may continue to spew at will the veg-pap that passes for Intellectualism in the ‘elite’ of the world.”

    Oh! You ARE talking about Andrew Bolt!

  13. Iain says:

    Welcome to my blog SM. But frankly I can’t work out just what you point is in these two comments…

  14. SM says:

    The point of my first comment was that the real elites are exactly that, they own, control and in cases like Bolt and Tim B’liar work for the major media corporations that shape public opinion. When you talk of ‘latte elites’ and ‘chattering classes’, well I don’t see a lot of left-wing academics doing prime-time talk radio like Alan Jones. And the other point in that comment was that many on the Left do more than just talk about standing up for the rights of oppressed groups.

  15. Iain says:

    I think that you miss entirely the point of this post. Which is to denounce the wannabe lefties who claim that they are standing up for the poor and oppressed yet they do not really have the street cred on any of the issues that they mouth off about nor in fact do they have ane affection for the people that they ostensibly advocate for. The example I quote in this post, Scott Bridges, is by his own admission scornful of ordinary working class people (bogans in his terms).
    I think that you also confuse two similar words that have a subtle difference in meaning, namely elite and elitist. The former is as you suggest appropriate when one is discussing those individuals who are in positions of power or authority whilst the latter is more about a state of mind or an attitude many leftists are clearly not in positions of influence that you cite (but the public broadcasters are a different story) but there is no doubt that there are many many Latte lefties who certainly do have an elitist attitudes like our friend Scott.

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