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Bolt 20/8: “War is forgivable. Failure is not”

In the latest effort at Boltwatch my learned friend attempts to produce a more meaty piece but we have to ask is his rather meagre effort Kosher? The commando raid that Andrew discusses was, according to Israeli spokesman Mark Regev an attempt to stop the re-supply of Hezbollah by Iran and Syria ,in violation of the ceasefire terms. I don’t know whether the raid produced a worthwhile result for the IDF but given that Israel has maintained from the time it agreed to the ceasefire that It reserved the right to act against transgressions by Hezbollah the raid comes as no surprise . What also strikes me is the complete lack of any denial that the target was what the IDF claimed it was .

Really? I’d have said the worry was one side trying to get around the ceasefire and, you know, threatening to cause the whole region to blow up into war again. Not so much that they didn’t get away with it!


It is clear that MrLefty is willing to see all of the fault for this apparent breakdown in the ceasefire lies with Israel. Frankly I want to believe his rather shallow piece is written from ignorance rather than from a willingness to give tacit support to the Hezbollah position because until there are international guarantees that can convince Israel that Hezbollah will not be re-armed or re-supplied the ceasefire will have achieved nothing but a temporary hiatus and the conflict will flare again with the misery and inevitable loss of life that we have seen in the last month magnified many fold.
The sad fact is that given the choice between Halal and Kosher my learned friend tends to favour the former over the latter every time, but that is the trend with the left these days .Unfortunately this often makes him look like a bit of a Ham*

*as evidenced by some corny sarcasm .


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