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“The next move, on Monday morning, was to the orange lifeboat.”

The brilliance of the government’s tactics in using those orange boats is being  refined with each time that they have to be deployed:

Some of the 28 asylum seekers returned to Indonesia on an Australian lifeboat. Photo: Michael Bachelard

Some of the 28 asylum seekers returned to Indonesia on an Australian lifeboat. Photo: Michael Bachelard

The asylum seekers were transferred to the Customs vessel – perhaps MV Triton, though they do not know the name. As they were loaded on board, officers were ”pushing one by one with hands behind our back”, Ali says, showing on his friend how their arms were bent into a painful position.

Any objections or requests for food and water were shouted down, no discussion entered into.

”He says: ‘Don’t speak. Shut up. F— you’,” Ali says, the others nodding. One man, Khazim Mohammad, from Iraq, was lying sick on the boat: ”The [Australian officer] said, ‘You’re joking. Liar, liar’ … and grabbed him and pulled him.”

The Indonesian crew have told Central Java police that the wooden boat was then ”blown up”. They cannot say how this happened, but speculate on a bomb.

On board the large Customs ship, interaction between crew and asylum seekers was minimal. Once their details were taken and entered on a computer, the men were given wristbands with numbers on them.

For about three days, they say they were kept below decks.

”Inside the big ship, no sun, no air. We don’t know if it’s night or day. We can’t sleep; loud noises,” says Ali.

They were fed once – cheese sandwiches – and given a cup and told to fill it up in the bathroom to drink. ”For two days we went on hunger strike.”

The Indonesian crew was kept in a separate part of the ship.

On the Customs patrol boat, Ashrof says someone searched their belongings, and all valuables – money, phone, SIM card – were taken. He does not know who took them. No phones means that, unlike on other ships, there is no video footage of their experience.

The next move, on Monday morning, was to the orange lifeboat. It was the first time they had seen it and the transfer was done in sight of land.

”The soldiers brought [us to] the orange boat … and closed the door and said to the driver of this boat … ‘Go to that island’,” Ali says.

Again the Australians would not answer questions. The Indonesians – who spoke almost no English – said it was Christmas Island. Ali did not believe them.

But there was no chance of turning back to the real Christmas Island. The crew, though experienced sailors, had never seen anything like the orange blob they now captained, and there was not enough fuel to go anywhere except to that island on the horizon.

The island, it turned out, was Java.

The lifeboats are small and inside they feel smaller. They are dark and airless with only a couple of small, high windows. Having 28 on board would have felt crowded – not everyone could have a seat, though the nameplate says it is rated for 55 people.

”No air inside and no airconditioning for the orange boat. We are very sick. We have no oxygen. We are very sick,” says Ali. ”It’s like animals. Animals [cannot be treated] like this.”

There was water on board and muesli bars.

The journey lasted only about three hours before the boat ran aground in huge seas on a rugged bay near the village of Kebumen. They were 30 metres from the beach and the surf was high, but there was little choice but to jump.

”We jumped from the boat. We are at the beach, ocean high. We arrive and drift, arrive and drift. We think we will die. We think we will die. We can’t swim,” Ali says.

Finally on the beach the exhausted men were confronted with a steep, slippery slope to climb before a local farmer found them and called the police.

The crew is now in custody being questioned by police under people smuggling laws for taking people out of the country illegally and then, at the insistence of the Australian Customs and Border Protection, back into it. The asylum seekers are bound for detention, although they don’t know where.

Sarrah Hansen-Young a very vocal useful idiot  gives us a selfie taken at the Gay `Mardi Gras

Sarrah Hansen-Young a very vocal useful idiot gives us a selfie taken at the Gay `Mardi Gras

Some how I doubt that this group of chancers will be trying again and while I expect that the usual suspects  will whine about the less that luxurious  conditions in the orange boats , or the confiscation  of mobile phones  from this cohort  but there is no escaping the simple fact that this tactic works as a way to return people who try to enter this country illegally under the pretense that they are refugees . Labor believed all of  the lies that they were told because   they wanted the preferences of Greens voters  and the Greens were the most useful idiots to the people smuggling trade but we , the Australian people, want  orderly a controlled  immigration program that chooses socially useful immigrants that will help make this country a better place  instead of self selectors who bring with them a legacy of self serving deceit.

Cheers Comrades

Who needs bullets?

Who needs bullets?

Rudd, a “rat Fu#ker” to the very end of his political career

You have to hand it to Kevin Rudd, when it comes to ‘rat fucking” his party he is a true champion not only did he lie about serving the electorate of Griffith for the full term but he would not even give its current leader the courtesy of a forewarning of his intention to resign:

click for source

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While I would expect a certain level of magnanimity from the current prime minister about the man that he so decisively defeated in September I frankly would have respected Electricity Bill just a bit more had he just stood up and said that the party will be better off now that it is fully free from the spectre of Rudd’s pernicious influence. No we did not get such candor from Electricity Bill instead we got the usual empty platitudes even though he was clearly NOT feeling the love at all. Sorry folks but to may mind that is precisely why Electricity Bill will never be PM of this country.

So as Rudd retires on his 155k per year along with a car and security detail   we poor long suffering voters will have to take comfort from the fact that thanks to the efforts of our Kevin it may well be longer than a decade before we again see a Labor PM in the Lodge, the sensible among us may well think that I am being too generous the the ALP in this prediction but I prefer to err on the side of caution…

Laters Comrades

Who is the shadowy figure whose damaging leaks are derailing Julia Gillard's campaign? Graphic: Liam Phillips

 Graphic: Liam Phillips

Domestic and National

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa_oMy brother the computer tech spent most of yesterday afternoon/evening here and now I have two new PCs, my hard-drives were OK so all of my data was spared being fired with the computers. It looks to me that it is not our phone line that has been damaged but   the phones themselves along with our data switch/router.  the good old credit card will get a workout when I go shopping tomorrow  :( , I do have insurance for the house but not its contents as we have reasoned that the cost of the premiums would far out weigh the benefits that we may have to claim in this sort of calamity. Even with replacing the fried appliances I expect that it won’t cost more than 1.5k at the very worst (probably around a grand ) and that is only two years premiums. Having lived here for more than fourteen years  we are still ahead.

Enough of the domestic disaster stuff its time to enjoy the fact that Kevin Rudd has done precisely as I predicted and resigned from the parliament. I may be wrong here but I can’t help thinking that there was financial incentive for the former Brother Number one to sit at least once in the new Parliament before resigning. that little vanity will probably cost the taxpayers a great deal over the years of his retirement. I had to laugh though as I watched both members of the government and the opposition  doing the “hail fellow well met” game on the TV last night. For all of that I think that history will be far from kind to Kevin, and will recall his failings far more than they will recall his successes in high office.

Despite his dreams of once again being a fine and handsome rooster  he is very definitely a feather duster now! Which of course begs the question of necessary by-election for the seat of Griffith. Will it too fall to the coalition?   This is just like the old Saturday morning serials, without the corny music track!

Cheers indeed Comrades

Kevin Michael Rudd

Kevin Michael Rudd

Political hypoglycaemia and Laurrie Oakes

Minions of the left are suffering terribly at present, not only do they have to contend with their side losing the last federal election they also have to put up with a total change in style in the way that the government. presents itself to the people. And they are clearly flummoxed by the change. You see they have become addicted to a constant diet of sugar rich media hits from the the previous Labor administration and now they are suffering form a sort of political hypoglycaemia. Take Laurrie Oakes as an example :

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As I see I think that Oakes, like a lot co commentators and media players think that governments exist to give them something to talk or write about. That it is the duty of Government to keep giving them the political sugar that they crave. Its a vestige of the Labor years and I can’t be the only one who thinks that Labor created a rod for their own backs in the way that they insisted on being total media whores and now that they are in opposition and well totally irrelevant we get the likes of Oakes  whining about the much more grown up government refusing to play by the old paradigm.

To some extent its all about the ever shorter attention span of the political classes that feeds the angst of Oakes and his cronies at Fairfax, lefty bloggers, and the Twiterarti  that are   to blame here.It used to be not so long ago that our news cycle was all about what has/was/is happening today. now with in instant message culture. The desire is to have something new every minute or so. Kevin Rudd and to a lesser extent Julia Gillard were both very keen to try to tap into the social media demographic and they tried to use social media as a tool to promote themselves and their government’s activities, they may not have created the short attention span of the media but they certainly entrenched the sugar addiction of polity.

Maybe, just maybe, the fact that parliament will be sitting again soon and that will mean a bit more colour and movement which  will silence the interminable whining about the government being “secretive” and or that Tony Abbott is “hiding”. Somehow though I expect we will continue to hear the whining of the Hypoglycaemic leftist media  braying for another of the sugar hits that they got so used to from  the Labor days.

I’d  suggest a good twelve step program if I believed in them or maybe hope that there was a type of political Narcan  for this sugar hungry leftist-polity but sadly I think that the addicted are going to be obliged to go cold turkey., It won’t be pretty and the wailing will be loud and long but those of us who are politically grown up should cover our ears and look away from the tantrums because what matters in the public  life of the country is not the smoke and mirrors of political spin but good solid administration. That is  what we elect governments for; to do the job not just to talk about doing it.

Cheers Comrades


In the internet age, a time when there are effectively no media islands any more

They say that patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels and I can’t help thinking that political “conventions” about how you talk about your predecessors in overseas media and  forums are one of the great hiding places for ineptitude that the labor party and its facilitators  are trying their darnedest to invoke in a rather shabby  attempt to ignore their own repeated and egregious policy failures both domestically and internationally.  Take the criticism of  Tony Abbott for his robust characterisations of the previous Labor administrations as  “whacko”:

During your campaign you called for a repeal of the carbon tax imposed by the Labor Party. Why are you against this tax?

The carbon tax is bad for the economy and it doesn’t do any good for the environment. Despite a carbon tax of $37 a ton by 2020, Australia’s domestic emissions were going up, not down. The carbon tax was basically socialism masquerading as environmentalism, and that’s why it’s going to get abolished.

It will be abolished this year?

As soon as possible. If the Labor Party wants to give the people of Australia a Christmas present, they will vote to abolish the carbon tax. It was damaging the economy without helping the environment. It was a stupid tax. A misconceived tax.

You said in your victory speech that Australia is once again open for business. Does that mean you believe that the previous government was unfriendly to businesses?

I said Australia is under new management and is once again open for business. The previous government would often say the right thing but it would invariably do the wrong thing when it came to business. There was an explosion in red tape and green tape. There was a whole thicket of new restrictions in the labor market. There were big new taxes. It was a government which thought that there was no problem that more public servants, higher taxes and further regulation couldn’t fix.

So you’re reversing that?

We will do our damnedest to shrink the public service and have a bonfire of red tape and unnecessary taxes.


Labor wanted a national broadband network?

It’s a government-owned telecommunications infrastructure monopoly, which was proceeding at a scandalous rate without producing any commensurate outcomes. We are changing the objective from fiber to every premise in the country to fiber to distribution points, and then we will use the existing infrastructure to take the broadband to individual premises.

Is that cheaper and more efficient?


But Labor wanted to extend fiber to every household?

Welcome to the wonderful, wacko world of the former government.

So you believe the former government was doing a lot of things that were bad for the country?

I thought it was the most incompetent and untrustworthy government in modern Australian history.

Be more specific.

They made a whole lot of commitments, which they scandalously failed to honor. They did a lot of things that were scandalously wasteful and the actual conduct of government was a circus. They were untrustworthy in terms of the carbon tax. They were incompetent in terms of the national broadband network. They were a scandal when it came to their own internal disunity. They made a whole lot of grubby deals in order to try and perpetuate themselves in power.  It was an embarrassing spectacle, and I think Australians are relieved they are gone.


Of course according to the Age this constitutes a terrible affront to the conventions of international diplomacy and their headline suggests that this interview is a terrible assault on the standing of our country but I can’t help but think that the Luvvies just have no ability to appreciate the importance of frankness and honesty when it comes to the way that our nation will be appreciated on the international stage, further we live in the internet age, a time when there are effectively no media islands any more. No discreet little places where the news and politics of a country can be hidden away from global scrutiny and while I can appreciate the desire not to see our dirty laundry aired in public its not as if we can (or should) hide the simple fact that the previous government was utterly incompetent in most areas of its remit. So there really is no reason or excuse for a lack of frankness when it comes to any international media interviews by the current government ministers or by our Prime minister. The ability for anyone anywhere on the planet to find out just what has been said domestically  by our political players means the more important consideration should be that they produce a message that is consistent both domestically and globally.  Tony Abbott has done precisely that in this interview. and I for one think that he should be celebrated for his candour rather than being admonished for it by the Luvvies at the Age who are hoping that Labor’s incompetence can be swiftly forgotten. Sadly for them I think that it will be remembered for a very long time and will keep the Labor party where they so deserve to be, in the in the dry and desert like  political wilderness, after-all, sinners need to become accustomed to the environment where their souls will reside for (nearly) eternity…

Cheers Comrades


From the dustbin of history

I am somewhat amused by the reinvention of public personas  and this is one that  I could not fail to notice. When one of the worst PMs in living memory was indulged to an hour and a half of soft interview on the ABC It was impossible not to notice that those horn rimmed spectacles have mysteriously disappeared. Suggesting to me that they were always an artifice intended to make  Juulia gillard look more serious and to create a feeling of greater intelligence :


Before political execution

After political execution by her own party

After political execution by her own party

Well as she is in definitely into chip wrapper territory now I can’t help wondering how long the feministas will continue to celebrate her frankly deleterious period in power? Its ironic that for all their talk of  gender equality and so forth that those of the feminist tribe seem awfully keen on  judging a woman in politics entirely on the contents of their underpants rather than their ability to do the job with skill or rigour.

Cheers Comrades


The loneliness of the long distance looser

Click for source

Click for source

Cheers Comrades

Six years of laughter

The thing about the last six years of frankly awful government is that it has given us some great humour and I for one will miss the way that comedians like Anthony Ackroyd took the Piss out of Kevin Rudd. This vid is a pleasant revelation into the process of satire and comedy writing and no matter which side of the fence you are on it is worth a viewing.

Cheers Comrades



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