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Others on Iain

I will add to this page as I notice the what people may say about my blogging :cool:

I’ve looked at Mr Hall’s blogs, and while I disagree with many of the views he puts, I don’t find that he explains them offensively, nor that he is abusive or even particularly arrogant. This puts him outside many conservative commentators that I have read! I usually simply find that he is interested in putting forward challenging views. All of us need to be able to justify the views that we hold, and so I am always happy to have a solid, fact-based debate on issues that interest me. (Cherry Ripe)

You are the master at this game and I supplicate myself before your skill and majesty.

Comment by Bridgit Gread — January 27, 2007 #

You got a lot to offer any debate (Mikey capital)

Mikey_Capital said…Iain has as much right as anyone to state his opinions on whatever he deems fit. Any attempts to silence him or otherwise is fucked.


Jolly good, Mr Hall. I must say that I also enjoy your site as well – particularly the way that you stir up the commos.

Whoa, Iain. Another victory; another scalp! Are you king of the internet yet? You’re, like, the best.

Posted by The Editor to “Marley’s Ghost ” by Iain Hall at 8/20/2006 04:54:29 PM

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